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Strange sympathies and potential new alliances as "conservative movement" redefines itself

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So many articles and board threads exist from the purist factions they cannot be listed. But that's kind of business as usual, we argue about EVERYTHING.
What's new is the percolation of our message through society. Our message is now being articulated by some unlikely sources.
Here's Jane Hamsher, a woman of who's reputation I only know that he has attempted to walk the line between lib and con many times and she's got a roasting for it.
Of note in Hamsher's article--she's looking at and referencing us closely. This woman is VERY aware that we're steering the grassroots.
Next up, a little number by Rachel Maddow;
Of note in the Maddow segment is this guy David Weigel whom we suddenly find talking about Adam Kokesh on noplace other than MICHAEL MOORE'S WEBSITE.
Starting to see how this is good for us? Liberals are beginning to see they can't—AND SHOULDN'T try to tear us down. Not from their perspective. Of course from the pro-war Teocon or Neocon perspective, this is the worst and most threatening thing that could possibly ever happen to you. But just try to stop it.
This is a watershed moment, the ripple-down is going to be full spectrum. Nobody is going to escape this issue. John Green today reports on Freedoms Phoenix that paleos and neos are battling it out in the Sonoran Liberty Alliance and and I loved the piece on take back the Libertarian Party recently that I found pretty on time.
The nation is learning what our differences are. They didn't even know there were any a few weeks ago.
Here's Trevor Lyman's latest, this strikes me as us reaching back to antiwar liberals: Pleace Blimp. The antiwar sentiment might just rise on it's own right. I'm just can't wait to see what happens next.

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Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Look on the bright side? Yeah, this all seems to be working pretty well. Dr. Paul's interview with Rachael Maddow was fascinating not so much for what Dr. Paul said but Maddow's reception of him.

I don't know exactly what's happening in Texas but I know how I'm going to interpret a Medina victory.

Comment by Anonymous ()
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 Always look at the bright side.

On the other hand the TeaParty is the greatest thing that has EVER happened to the Ron Paul Activist / Patriot movement.  Slap a TeaParty sticker on your ass and wear something better than a T-Shirt and you can move freely through ANY Republican event performing your activism.  It's the perfect cover.