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4409 -- Coffee party to wake up the tea parties

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The tea parties were started by liberty loving Ron Paulers but have been high jacked by the republican party hack neo-cons. So we're starting the first ever coffee party group on Facebook to wake those people up to true liberty.
Below is the facebook link to join please spread to others! 

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Comment by Alice Lillie
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 Awesome...I most certainly will join.

The Campaign for Liberty is the best thing going, but it had better move over, here comes the Coffee Party.

I wanted to see people of our persuasion called the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, after the Sons of Liberty who did *so much* to get the American Revolution going. I am currently preparing a review of Dr. Rothbard's _Conceived in Liberty_ series for my blog which should be posted in 2 or 3 months. The essay that is there now is a review of some Rothbard works on monetary policy...I'd suggest checking it out to learn just *why* the Fed needs to be audited and then closed.

P.S. Don't forget to *NOT* answer the census.

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Another one weighs in.