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Nationwide Red Light Camera Protests to be Held on Valentine's Day

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Had enough of the red light cameras in your city? Join others across the US in “showing your love” for them this Valentine's Day by protesting near one of your local red light cameras. LOLA Tracy Ward from the Liberty Restoration Project has initiated this nationwide protest, in response to the growing number of cameras popping up around the country.

The Liberty Restoration Project can also provide you with pertinent information to hand out to drivers, as well as other suggestions on making your area's protest maximally effective. To contact them, find out where your protest is in your area, or to organize one of your own, visit the Nationwide Red Light Camera Protest's Cause page on Facebook.
CameraFRAUD will be protesting ATS HQ in Ahwatukee, see the meetup group for more info:
It looks like the Debate is not just over in AZ but nation Wide!

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a friend that worked installing red light cameras told me how difficult it was to re-cut the roadway in the exact same cut after someone shoots a nail into the wire in the groove in the road filled with tar.  My sympathies go out to them; and shame on you naughty nail gun users that immobalize red light cameras and interfere with the cash flow of the government....How dare you waste nails like that!!!!!

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Street Action?    Did you say street action???  Hoo Woo!

To be seen on street corners across America...patriots holding signs to spread the freedom message.