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AZ Republican Flip-Flop on Photo Radar Opposition (Battle on SonoranAlliance)

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 Apparently (self-proclaimed) "conservative" Republican state sentators Linda Gray, AZLD-10, David Braswell, AZLD-6,  and (self-proclaimed) "pro-liberty" Republican state rep Frank Antenori, AZLD-30, defy a resolution of the Arizona Republican Party from 2009 stating party opposition to photo radar.

At the January, 2009 Arizona Republican Party state convention, the party expressed its will and resolved to oppose photo radar.  This is the body that sets policy for the state Republican party.  State Committeemen from all over the state convened to conduct its business.  Among other things, it unanimously passed the resolution you see at the bottom of this post.

In defiance of the will of the body of Republican State Committeemen comes Republican Senator Linda Gray from legislative district 10.  Linda Gray is the sponsor of SB1443 and SCR1059.  These two bills are the same bills.  They ostensibly are being run to “correct” technical problems and “improve” the state’s photo radar program. 

SCR1059 is a referendum version to put on the ballot to confuse voters, presumably if’s efforts are successful and they get their citizens’ initiative on the ballot to end photo radar.  SB1443 is merely the floor version of the bill.  Catcalls also go out to self-proclaimed pro-liberty Republican Frank Antenori from LD-30 for sponsoring these bills in the house.

In fact, these bills are being run at the behest of Redflex’s lobbyists. 

If you don’t already know (thanks to for the info!), the “cameras” are not photo cameras, but they stream surveillance video 24×7x365 to computer servers belonging to a foreign corporation.  Redflex has the ability to identify the license plate that passes each camera (anywhere in the world they operate!)  The “corrections” these bills will implement are:

automatically ticket you for failing to register your vehicle automatically ticket you for failing to renew your insurance on time automatically ticket you for texting on your cell or talking on the phone (like California, that ban is in the works already) automatically ticket you for failing to buckle your seatbelt

The bottom line is that a foreign corporation is spying on Arizonans’ movements 24×7x365.  Not even 20 years ago, any elected official even suggesting such a thing would have been labelled a communist and driven out of office.

Today, disgracefully, Republicans (or those who like to call themselves that) kowtow to lobbyists of foreign corporations to help them pass laws to spy on Americans, in this case Arizonans.

On February 10th, Linda Gray along with recently appointed (and self-proclaimed) “conservative”  Republican David Braswell from LD-6 voted with Democrats to pass SB1443 and SCR1059 out of committee. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your state legislators in the House and in the Senate to voice your strong opposition to these bills SB1443 and SCR1059.

As far as Republicans Linda Gray, David Braswell and Frank Antenori go, why do we even have a Republican party, if these Republican state senators and representatives push their own personal agendas and those of the lobbyists of foreign corporations against the will of the Arizona Republican Party and against the interests of Arizonans?

It’s time to hold our elected Republicans accountable.  Just calling yourself “conservative” or “pro-liberty” doesn’t cut it anymore.  We want to see CONSISTENT ACTION, no more chin music.  

Teaparty, anyone?

(Ironically, David Braswell was the state GOP Resolutions Committee chairman at the time this resolution passed out of the party committee before it went to the whole of the state committee.)

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