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Tyranny in Mohave County, Arizona

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Today a group of Mohave County citizens gathered peacefully in the parking lot of the Mohave County Arizona Administration Building, located in Kingman, Arizona, in support of their 1st Amendment Rights. Citizens carrying American Flags were denied access to the building by County Manager, Ron Walker. One citizen, Mervin Fried, was arrested for "Trespassing" because he was entered the building carrying a pitchfork in protest of recent actions taken by Ron Walker, County Manager, and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. Please note: Arizona is an "open carry" state, which means that a person may legally carry a weapon, as long as it is in a holster or on a sling. Mr. Fried's pitchfork was on a sling. Many other people entered the County building carrying a firearm at the exact time that Mr. Fried was being placed under arrest. 

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Comment by Mervin Fried
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 Maximum fine under Arizona Statues is $500 for Class 3 Criminal Trespass.  I have no criminal record (other than traffic tickets) and have lived in Kingman most of my life.  My bail was set at $1500 CASH, 3x the maximum fine, which would equal $15000 bond (bond was not allowed).  This is a violation of the 8th amendment. 

Now the county manager is spinning this as a "safety issue" and he was mearly trying to protect citizens and county employees from injury due to the pitchfork.

I went to the Cerbat Justice Court website the night before I was to appear.  My name did not appear on the official agenda (which I printed out) for the following day when I was scheduled to appear.  At first I thought that the chages may have been dropped.  Then, contemplating a trap being set, I went anyway.  If I did not show up, a warrant would be issued for failure to appear and I am sure this would have been used against me and detrimantal to my good standing in the community.  I went to court the next day and, sure enough, they said that I was scheduled to appear that day.

My pretrial conference is scheduled for Tuesday, March 30.  We'll see.

Comment by BlueStreak Patriot
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Mervin Fried Says:
February 18th, 2010 at 11:08 am

Thank you for all of your posts.
A little back story about me. I am a law abiding citizen. I attend college where I am on the honor roll and President of the Economic and Political club and I do weekly presentations, on my own time, explaining how money, politics, and banking work. I also am President of The Whistle Stop Railroad Club, where we preserve and enjoy railroad history. I have been a keynote speaker at Tea Party meetings and rallys.

While I have many, many firearms, and I have a state issued permit to carry concealed weapons,
I like the symbolism of the pitchfork and what it represents for me. This was my fathers pitchfork. A man who labored all his life to provide a good home and shelter for our family. A man who was unaware of the “system” that was designed to steal from him and keep him enslaved his whole life.
I refuse to be enslaved such as this. I will speak out at any opportunity to expose this “system” of slavery and wake people up.

Arizona has an Open Meeting law. The County Manager, Ron Walker, broke the law by barring the doors with county employees and sheriff deputies, preventing people from attending the meeting. He in fact acknowledged that I was there legally when I approached the entrance where he was blocking the door. He said that I could enter, however I could not bring in my pitchfork, which was slug on my shoulder, because he deemed it “disruptive” to “his” meeting. (generally there are less than 20 people in attendance for their meetings in a huge auditorium) Since others were allowed to enter with firearms, I told him that I would enter. He then said I would be arrested for trespass if I did. I said “do what you gotta do”. I attempted to enter the public building and the county manager directed a sheriff deputy to arrest me. The officer told me I had to leave immediately or be arrested for criminal trespass. Since I was there to attend a public meeting, as protected by law, and I was not disruptive, and my “weapon” was slung, I said “do what you gotta do”.

I write regularly to the local papers and I have attended meetings in the past. Recently, I have signed up to speak on agenda items regarding property tax assessment settlements with the county assessor. A small number of people have been able to take advantage of a loophole and get up to a 90% reduction of appraised value on their property tax rates, which I support. This is not fair however, as the person next door or across the street still has to pay higher taxes “to the king”. I have said in the meeting that all property needs do be reappraised to reflect current and truthful values as we are in a declining real estate market. Any over taxation should be rightfully returned to the taxpayer.

I read in the Phoenix paper where property assessed values have been dropping for the last 3 years, while ours have gone up. I wanted to sign up on the agenda to speak out on this, if there had been assessment settlements. Only this month some of the property owners in our county did get a decrease in the appraised value of our property.

At the first meeting I attended, I signed up to speak on 8 separate tax settlements. After the 4th one, the BOS called up the county assessor. He said I was right, the system was unfair. The BOS then shifted to damage control and said that they have no control of taxes and it was on the state level. I then added to my speech that all politics are local and over taxation should be refunded to the taxpayer.
At the next meeting, I signed up to speak on 13 tax settlements. The BOS decided they did not want to hear me so they wrapped up the 13 settlements into one 3 min. opportunity to speak.

The most dangerous weapon I have ever threatened government with is my mind.

Mervin Fried

Comment by BlueStreak Patriot
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Hi Fellow Patriots:

Here is the background information on this incident. This was the complete video. Mr. Fried was arrested after County Manager told him he was welcome to come in, but he would have the leave the pitchfork outside. Many people missed the implied symbolism of Mr. Fried's gesture. This story is only the tip of a much larger "iceberg"! Stay tuned! I will subscribe to this topic and try to remember to give you updates. The big events have yet to occur. If you don't see any update from me by the end of this coming week, please email me -

The core of the story

search link - keyword "Luca Zana"

Board of Supervisor member public statement Tom Sockwell for District 2 1/21/2010 (we have three districts in Mohave County, thus three BOSs.

County Manager's public statement - 2/7/2010 (he is hired by the Board of Supervisors) now earns $165,000/yr

My search using keyword "Tom Sockwell" provided the basic info above

Supervisors get the Silent Treatment

Exposing Sen. McCain in Kingman town hall meeting

Details - 11/16/2010
This entire incident boils down to a violation of Mr. Zanna's 1st Amendment Rights with the County using as justification for their actions, a statute ARS 11-410 that does not apply. I have email confirmation from Senator Ron Gould who contacted Legislative Council for a determination as to if ARS 11-410 applied. He is emailing out copies as soon as he has a mailable copy from them. There view overrides the Attorney General opinion and he also had the encourage to come out publicly in the local papers, that the Board of Supervisors as well as the board's attorneys were wrong.

After Luca stopped handing out printed copies of McCain's voting record in the lobby as ordered by Supervisor Buster Johnson in the presence of Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan - who did nothing to uphold Luca's 1st & 14th Amendment Rights, Luca entered the "McCain dog & pony show" for re-election. Immediately as Luca entered the room and was spotted by some of the Board of Supervisors, they immediately advised McCain's security thugs with a message that probably included, "what ever you do, don't let McCain take a question from this guy". Why? Because they didn't want anything controversial publicly brought up by Luca which may cause embarrassment to any of the three Board of Supervisors. Being part of the Republican good old boys network, they wanted to insure THEY had everything under control in the county and no dissenters existed. Someone in one of the comments today coined the term KGB, indicating Kingman Good Old Boys network. One of McCain's thugs started taking pictures of Mr. Zanna at very, very close range with the obvious intent of intimidation. Zanna held his arm up for the entire hour waiting to be recognized during the question and answer portion of the meeting. McCain was in front of Luca several times selecting other people and pretended Luca did not exist. At one point a staff member who was providing the microphone to various people in the audience stood directly behind Mr. Zanna for several minutes and seemed prepared to hand the mike to him as soon as the current person on the other side of the auditorium was done speaking. All of a sudden some person affiliated with the local Republican party of the county or town of Kingman quickly moved in behind the microphone carrier and whispered in his ear. The microphone carrier immediately relocated himself on the other side of the auditorium. It was quite obvious what had just occurred. In the video noted above is combined footage, some of which I shot from a standing position at the rear of the auditorium where I purposely stayed to be able to see all the "players" in action in their attempt to keep the microphone away from Mr. Zanna. Luca can be seen shaming McCain into allowing him to have his say while McCain obviously is trying to make funny faces and disrespecting Mr. Zanna. The story has just escalated from that day forward through the efforts of many of us who witnessed what took place.

McCain's hired thug, the guy with the camera, walked up to everyone that stood to speak at this meeting and took multiple pictures of them. How's that for intimidation!

More information can be found at and

Keep up the fight!


BlueStreak Patriot

Comment by Anonymous
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>> What brain dead moron arrests someone for bringing in a husbandry implement into a PUBLIC building? 

Ahhhh - some clown with a weird haircut, wrap-around shades, with too many donuts in his belly, and a very pathetic lack of justice. 

From a book I have:  'The peoples of the world may be devided into three groups; the Powerful, the Powerless, and that group between that serves the former to insure the latter remain peaceful, obedient, and useful.'   This is a good example of that. 

Comment by Alan Neuman
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OK, just when I think this world can not get any more absurd, I get this in my E mail. What brain dead moron arrests someone for bringing in a husbandry implement into a PUBLIC building? I could understand someone complaining if I wanted to ride my Harley in there. But a Pitchfork? As a former cop I want to know who the hell arrested this guy? Give me 10 minutes in a back room with him and I'll clear this whole mess up!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Here is the local news coverage:

[see comments too;-)]

Comment by foundZero
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More info! More detail! Is he still being held?

Comment by Drew
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He was arrested for Trespassing, and the tape is not clear. When the clip starts the man is saying "do what I got to do" the comment from the county employee before that may have been something to the effect of , "Im sorry you can't come in here with that you will have to leave" this one may stick.

On a side note, I always thought it would be fun to make cardboard cut outs of pitch forks and shovels and stand in the back of city hall when they do something stupid, Think you would get arrested for cardboard?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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He forgot his torch. 

We will want to follow this one.