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Paint Barry Hess' campaign bus in time for the DOI

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Decorating the “Barry Hess Express”/ “Don’t Tax My Food, Bro” / Declaration of Independence Bus and Sign-making Party


When: Friday, February 19th @ 5:30pm.

Where: Freedom’s Phoenix Workshop

Who:  Jim Kaiser, Drew Phillips, and Jet Lacey

This Meetup is dedicated to making signs and decorating Mike O’Connor’s bus in order to deliver a very LIMITED message to the “captive audience” standing in line to view the Declaration of Independence on Saturday, February 20th.

Topics for the Bus include:

Priority #1:  The Barry Hess R3VOLution/ Barry’s candidacy for Governor

Secondary Topics:

·        The Food Tax / Bussing people out of Phoenix for tax-free groceries

·        The Declaration of Independence (especially the faded words and faded ideals enumerated on it)

·        Drawing a line in the sand

What is NOT needed:  Any attempt to *disrupt, *co-opt, or *otherwise use this event for one’s own personal agenda will be met with immediate resistance.  The above issues are the ONLY issues that will be placed on the bus for this event.  Anything else must be previously cleared with Jim, Drew, or Jet. 

*  - I don’t say this to be a douche-bag, but there’s been a lot of this type of behavior as of late. 

What is needed:

·        People….Come on down!

·        Food and Drink….As always, potluck style

·        Sign-making materials

·        A focused effort

Barry is one of us and deserves our support in his run for Arizona Governor.  Many of you support Debra Medina, and she certainly is a “Liberty Candidate,” but she’s got nothing on the Barry HessR3VOLution (sm).jpg.

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Comment by Astrid Campos
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best way to get noticed is to constantly make noise!  we need volunteers so email and we'll put you to work! 

Comment by Nick Bravo
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it's so exciting to see history being made right before our eyes. Can't wait for friday and saturday. 

Comment by Trouser Chili
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How did Debra Medina get so much media attention, anyway?  How do we get the same attention for Barry?

If I vote, I'll vote for Barry!