Article Image Joe Stack Played Bass in a Local Austin Band

Did Economic Anguish Drive Austin Musician to Commit Suicide?

Written by Subject: Conspiracies

Sharlene Holt

Musicians for Freedom

Did economic anguish drive Joe Stack, local Austin musician and businessman, to drive his plane into a federal building? In the wake of a disturbing event that some are calling a domestic terror attackmany are suggesting that the event is probably a "false flag" manipulated into place by members of the shadow government who would use the occasion to further erode American liberties.

But some are suggesting that Joe Stack was just a regular guy. "Joe Stack, the 53-year-old software engineer who allegedly flew a single engine aircraft into an Austin-based IRS office on Thursday morning, was more than just a criminal or possible domestic terrorist. He was also a musician who played the bass and accordion in a band that once crooned about how the world just isn't made for autistic people." writes the Raw Story.

Whatever the reality of the situation, here's one story that tells the sad but often true saga of a sincere musician and family man having his troubles with the IRS. You'll want to note that our Musicians for Freedom Hall of Fame musician Willie Nelson had similar troubles.