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4409 -- Joe Stacks Audio Manifesto.

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I had this made for my viewers...its the full audio transcript of Andrew Joseph Stacks manifesto. His final goodbyes to the American people.
Even though I do not agree with him on health care....I think this is very important for all of us so I had it read and professionally mastered by a man who has done countless commercials on radio and TV..Mr Mike O'Conner...
If anyone would like to utilize his services email me.
Joseph Andrew Stack was named as the pilot who crashed into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas on February 18, 2010. Plane crashes into IRS/CIA complex

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Comment by Olde Reb (20546)
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An article title INCOME TAX INDICTMENTS ARE BOGUS is posted at 


It concludes the courts are violating the requirements of Due Process by not identifying a statute that imposes an income tax on individuals.

Comment by Tom Dowdey (21199)
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Oyate ... I'm an orthodox believer... and you make me cry... love your heart... God bless you and keep you (and Joe Stack too.)

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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To our brothers and sisters who work for the IRS:

I am sure this has impacted you very deeply and caused you to reflect. Now listen.

First off, not every patriot is out to get you. Not every, not hardly a few. This is not our way in general. I know many patriots who would have bodily interposed themselves between Joe Stack and you. I would have. My brother Ed would have. Because we put human life at a priority.

Even yours.

Because we know you have families and kids too.

There is one thing I wish you to consider.

You guys brought out the guns first. You use them on the American people. And you are nothing but tax collectors. You have the law and the courts on your side, you walk with impunity, therefore, why do you draw guns on the American people and bust into people's houses and hound and harry and harrass us?

We know this about you because we know Joe Bannister. He was trained in the use of a handgun and a shotgun and with automatic weapons.

Why does a tax collector need a handgun and a shotgun and automatic weapons?

I ask you again, why does a tax collector need a handgun and a shotgun and automatic weapons?

If your job so alienates you from the human family that you need a handgun and a shotgun and an automatic weapon to make you feel safe to walk among us, then I would urge you to do one of two things:

1. Reflect deeply on the nature of your relationship to the human family.

2. Apply for combat pay.

Because your message is clear: resist us and we will come to kill you at worst and at least, we will hang you out to dry for all people to see. And you say "WE ARE THE ALMIGHTY IRS, FEAR US FOR WE CAN DESTROY YOU BEFORE ALL PEOPLE.

And so you wonder why people are mad at you? This causes you to scratch your head and wonder?

And I will say to you what I said to Joe Stack: did you take time to pray today? Before you draw that gun, did you look into your heart and ask your ancestors for guidance? And did they tell you that you are doing the right thing?

If you did and they did, then I guess you are doing the right thing. No problem except for the little fact that our ancestors tell us to protect the people and that will run you afowl of me every time. For the simple reason that I protect the people and you attack them.

And we know now that in all likelihood you will not hear words of peace, love and forgiveness in this, you will only hear threat. Ohan. So be it. You are the ones running around with guns and busting people's doors down, not us. This fear is in you, not us. And we are the voices of restraint. I am a voice that calls for restraint among my brethren and my voice is becoming unpopular. The Peace Chiefs in this day are increasingly disrespected. So a little insider counsel might benefit you:

We're not sure how much longer we can restrain the people. And where they have been materially and militantly attacked by you, we begin to wonder how much longer restraint is wise or prudent. Because for 3 generations you have attacked our people with guns and hounded and harried them to within an inch of their lives. You have made life hell and you have even hounded and harried our wives and children, you have brought our teenage daughters naked from showers and forced them to sit naked before armed adult men. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Why is this such a mystery to you?

And if you have looked into your heart and consulted your ancestors and you really believe you are doing the right thing, fine. It just so happens my ancestors tell me the exact opposite. So do not be surprised, after all, you apparently knew you were making war on the American people.

Otherwise you would not need a handgun and a shotgun and an automatic weapon.

There is still room in the human race. Join it.

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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There was this guy, I think in SanFran, early on when we went to war, who couldn't take it so he got himself a can of gasoline and set himself on a freeway exit and he wrote a manifesto and light himself on fire to protest the situation. And the guy went up like a candle.

And practically nobody noticed. Somebody called the cops and said they thought somebody light a garbage can on fire. It wasn't "news worthy". Some old hippy burned himself to death. Big deal.

Now we got this guy Stack. And here we all are with an opinion. Oyate included. I spent last night on the phone trying to figure out if any of us actually knew this guy. And so far, this man Joe Stack seems to be outside my 6. That is rare but not altogether unknown. Maybe just enough to make this an anomaly. Like that poor guy that burned himself to death. Not like he didn't exist, he just wasn't on our radar. And it leaves us to speculate.

But we can do a bit more than speculate. I call for a moment of silence and then I will make my prayer for the soul of Joe Stack.


To the East and to the South and to the West and to the North;

To the Ones Below who always listen and to the Ones Above that see everything;

To Tunkashila and our Ancestors, please listen.

Grandfathers, it's said that the spirit of a man will hang around for 3 or 4 days to make sure their people are OK.

Ancestors, forgive me for talking out of line but we send to you a man called Joe Stack and we pray his spirit finds peace with you. We know almost nothing about this man. But you and the Holy Ones know of the affliction of his heart and we pray for his surviving wife and little gal.

Today, ancestors, we pray for your protection of wife and little gal, may they be surrounded by love and not stigmatized by this tragedy. "Feather light and mirror bright".

Micaje Oyate. Oyate miyelo. Mitakuye Oyasin. Aho. Hech Etu. Aloh.