Article Image Schools ask incriminating questions -- expect kids to get hauled off in cuffs

Public schools ask kids: How old were you when you first used meth? Carried a handgun?

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In Arizona, the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission conducts surveys every two years, asking detailed and very disturbing questions of school children.
I've obtained a copy of this year's survey questionnaire, and any parent should be horrified.
What's worse, parents are assumed to consent, UNLESS they complete a non-consent form.
More examples from the Survey:
25. How many of your four best friends, in the past year, have:
b. smoked cigarettes?
c. tried alcohol?
e. used marijuana?
g. used LSD, cocaine, amphetamines?
j. carried a handgun?
k. sold illegal drugs?
l. stolen a vehicle?
27. How old where you when you first?
a. smoked marijuana?
d. began drinking?
e. used meth?
h. carried a handgun?
i. attacked someone?
30. How many times in the past year have you:
b. carried a handgun?
c. sold illegal drugs?
d. stolen a vehicle?
h. attacked someone?
i. been drunk or high at school?
k. taken a handgun to school?
45. How frequently have you used smokeless tobacco in the last 30 days?
46. How many times have you had five or more alcoholic drinks in a row these past two weeks?
52. On how many occasions in the past 30 days have you used marijuana?
54. On how many occasions in the past 30 days have you used LSD?
56. On how many occasions in the past 30 days have you used cocaine?
58. On how many occasions in the past 30 days have you sniffed glue?
60. On how many occasions in the past 30 days have you used meth?
64. On how many occasions in the past 30 days have you used heroin?
115. Have any of your siblings ever:
a. drunk alcohol?
b. smoked marijuana?
d. taken a handgun to school?
138. Indicate any of your relatives currently in prison or jail.

Just some of the most outrageous examples from the Survey.
If you're still sending your kids to public schools, send along their attorney. You would be foolishly exposing yourself and your children to potential criminal liability, if you permit your kids to answer this or anything like this. That's right, for certain crimes committed by their children, parents can be charged.
Don't let your children participate, expose themselves to criminal liability, or condition them to "anonymously" tell "Big Brother" about things which could get them or their family in serious trouble.
At least, teach your children that they have a right to remain silent and that anything they say will be used against them - and their parents.
You have to tell them, because they schools won't!

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Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Pastor Anderson has something to say about this subject: the children will rise up against their parents and cause them to be put unto death.

Comment by Jim Paulson
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We should not be surprised.  This is what fascists and tyrants do -- namely indoctrinate the youth even if somewhat subliminally.  If they get asked to take any kind of survey like this, tell your kids to request that the school "officials" call you -- the parent! Otherwise tell them nothing but their name.

This brand of tyrannical behavior has been seen for centuries in one form or another. 

Realize the government is the thugs.  Assert your Rights and take back control!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Thanks Michael,

 This is getting out of control and should be a big story.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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And if they don't arrest the parents there will be a visit from CPS, take all the kids away from that bad parent household, split them up and place the in foster care or an institution...after some lengthy interviews of course.