The Unanimous Declaration Of The Resistance. R3VOlUTION in the U.K.?

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Gee, we might just have started an international something-or-other!
And I thought these guys were street comedians! Welcome to the age of revolutionary clowns.

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Comment by Thx 1138
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You can't fight a global government by attempting to foment a global revolution.  That is bringing the battle into their territory.  This guy should watch his "legislature" carefully, because overnight they could make it more illegal to criticize our government than their own.  They lost their war long ago when they failed to root out and destroy every member of the so-called "royal family".  How can you have a democracy and monarchy at the same time (as if anyone would want a democracy.)  This battle is ours and ours alone and cannot be co-opted by anyone in the UK or the Pee-Yew.  These people are eagerly cooperating with all things global.

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Oyate, I can not get this youtube to open or play.