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What You Can Do About the FED - While Picking Up Your Beer.

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Project No. 1 – Educating the public on the nature of Federal Reserve Notes.

Educating your local 7-11 owner in your local area on the Federal Reserve

You don't have to haul in booklets and posters, stand out in the rain, or do anything at all uncomfortable. This project is an outgrowth of a sudden impulse of a friend of mine, Al, who lives in the belly of the beast and experiences a constant state of annoyance because of the abysmal ignorance of folks on the real nature of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Al knows the FED is private and has stolen all of us blind – but far too many people still wallow in blissful, or frightening, ignorance. 

One day in his local 7-11 while picking up some beer Al just could no longer stand it. The guy behind the counter had to understand. What could Al do to force the facts into his brain?

          As the checker, who looked to be in his late 20s, began scanning the six pack Al said.

          “You take Federal Reserve Notes, right?”

          The clerk looked at him suspiciously.

          “No. We don't take Federal Reserve Notes.” The clerk's motions slowed as he began eyeing Al.

           Al. “Why don't you take Federal Reserve Notes?” Al tried to look innocent.  He should have   gotten an Oscar. 

          Clerk, speaking slowly so Al would understand. “Because we only take real money.”

         All, appearing flustered. “Oh, but, this is what my bank gives me.” He looks hopefully at the clerk. “I spend them when I go get my drugs and groceries right over there.” Al points. “Why did you say you don't take Federal Reserve Notes?”

        Clerk: “Only real money is accepted in this shop!”

        Al: “But all I have is Federal Reserve Notes,” Al exclaims, looking downcast. 

        Clerk: “Then you can't buy that beer,” he says, putting the six pack under the counter.

       Al: “Could you call your manager so I can ask him?”

       The manager is also adamantly sure they cannot accept Federal Reserve Notes.

       When the clerk and manager become agitated Al asks them to call the police. They stare at him. Al then asked them to call the FBI.

      “Call the police. Please, call them. I'll ask them why you won't take the Federal Reserve Notes, why you never accept them."  Al looks wide-eyes and pitiful.  

      Eventually Al leaves without his six pack but with a smile in his heart.  Just so you know, Al is both brainy and credentialed.  You'll be hearing more about Al because the Federal Reserve Notes are not the only thing that annoys him. 

       Al buys what he needs elsewhere. He never tells the rattled clerk or their management what a Federal Reserve Note is, that their cash drawer has nothing else.

      However, he gives them his contact information and tells them to call him when they are willing to accept his Federal Reserve Notes.

      There is so much Americans need to know. There is so much we can make sure they find out.

     Al is going to have a cameraman go with him the next time. But you can do the same. Al, having brass balls the size of melons, does this armed only with his innocence. You can do it like Al - or work up your own routine. 

    Take your activism into the market (s) while you are conducting your business during your normal work day. Share your experiences with us and others. We provide this educational aid for you, Al's idea and the FRN, modified for your use, below.  

    As they will  never forget Al they will never forget you and they will understand what the stuff they call money really is.

      How many shop keepers can you educate on the Federal Reserve in a day? A Week? How many can all of us working together shake up? No limits, no limits.

      Take a friend along to record the show. Put it up on YouTube and enjoy the fun, linking to 

       Here are sites which tell you the horrifying truth about what FRNs are worth. Brace yourself. The note in your pocket is worth 4 cents today. Where did your money go?

       The Minneapolis Federal Reserve


       Bureau of Labor

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Al's a hero. ;-)

He should pick up one of these:¤cy=USD&products_id=11294

Nick says put them on a baseball cap's size adjuster band on the back of the ball cap, and wear the cap backwards.  With a little experimentation and practice it will record everything as you see it.