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Sarah Palin Confesses She’s Been Mind Controlled

Written by Subject: Humor
Video by Sharlene Holt

Musicians for Freedom

"Damn it. I'm Sarah Palin, the soccer mom. You should give me some credit. I could have been getting shit-faced everyday. I wasn't drinking hot tea all day, if you know what I mean. You'd get drunk too if you had to kiss up to those whitey-assed interbreeding interdimensional reptilians.

David Icke is right. They made me their mind-controlled sex slave. They made my children watch. Why else do you think I would hook up with John McSame? You better believe it, girlfriend. I was wearing leather bras and skimpy little panties with molon labe on them. He tied me up. He pulled out his Glock 40 and rubbed it against my cheek. Then I blacked out from the drugs.

There hasn't been one day I haven't had to take all of my clothes off and scrub my skin with a dry brush to get the smell of that man off me."