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National ID in Arizona - A little history...

Written by Subject: Police State
In 2003 I interviewed Russell Pearce for my morning show with full understanding of what was really going on. Senator Pearce has been at the front of the effort to link Arizonans with national databases since Director of the DMV.
Since I know that this legislation is sooooo bad on so many levels, I am pleased to be credited with stirring up opposition, but the truth is that I only provide a platform for people to express themselves here on FreedomsPhoenix so that our readers have an opportunity to get real information that is immediately peer reviewed and opposition reviewed. It's hard to take credit for the fact that our subscribers can read another's posting :)
The issue of Immigration has been used (as it has in the past all over the world) to get support from a populace to allow themselves to be numbered and tracked as livestock... and then really bad stuff happens (its a history thing). (be sure to read this article and the the links to know what has already happened here in Arizona. The bill signed by Napolitano to prevent "Real-ID" in Arizona was a distraction. The 'enhanced Drivers Lic.' is what should be understood (aka The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) Gov. Napolitano Approves Prohibition on Real ID (ARIZONA - Update 06-20-2008)
My research on the Immigration issue,... and why I know it is a scam used to enslave us.
A little research for you...
(do you really want to know, or do you just wish that no one else finds out?)

Wednesday, March 17th 2010
Pearce AZ National ID Bill today. This bill enables any government employee at any time for any reason to access or require you to divulge personal information and exchange it with Homeland Security.
Sheila Dean, joins Ernest.
Renee and 4409 come in studio straight from the legislature in the last half hour of the 2nd hour to tell us what happened... enough opposition from people that they delayed action on the bill (which means, we'll wait until the riff raff leave)
AZ Senator Russell Pearce's
effort to provide protection for local law enforcement for their stopping any individual anytime and demanding that they provide identification that lists them on a national database as a US Citizen.
July 15th 2003 Radio Show
with Russell Pearce... when I knew what he was trying to accomplish
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Arizona House Appropriations Chairman (R) Russell Pearce, Community Activist Rusty Childress, and anti-Immigration Activist Henry Esparza will be on the radio show for 2 hours describing the their opposition to immigration into the United States. This is the show you would want to listen to. We'll see how well these three can argue against the open border positions of a libertarian.

Guest: Russell Pearce, Rusty Childress, Henry Esparza

Subject: Illegal Immigration, Open Closed Border, Border Patrol, Vote Fraud, Social Welfare

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