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Arizona National ID - The Truth shall set us Free... for at least a few more days.

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Please rewrite the AZ Immigration bill and take out any references that links the bill to a national ID.  As mentioned in previous e-mails that have been circulating, this is a good bill moving in the right direction but I know our AZ legislature can do better.  If the wording is left in this bill it would be because you support a national ID.  Please prove to the residents of Arizona that you care.  Please do the right thing and protect our privacy.

Thank you,

Tom Platt


March 18, 2010

Dear Arizona Supporter,

The Arizona State Senate is considering two bills that will turn your driver's license into a national ID card and share your personal information with the US Department of Homeland Security.

SB1070 and HB2632 are ostensibly anti-illegal immigration bills. As such, there are good things in there, such as elimination of sanctuary cities.

However, these bills have a sneak provision in them that turns the Arizona Driver's License into a national ID. Section 2. 11-1051, subsections F.1-3. specifically require that the state obtain prior clearance from the US Department of Homeland Security before you can obtain or renew your Driver’s License. Additionally, it requires data exchange of your domicile information.

This also creates a backdoor gun purchase registration capability.

There are other problems with the bill, such as indemnification of law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies, for example, if they detain you (which the bill allows) for not being able to identify you as a citizen through the Department of Homeland Security during a legitimate stop. In theory, you could be wrongly and indefinitely detained, denied access to the courts and an attorney, and there is zero accountability for law enforcement.


It is important that you IMMEDIATELY CONTACT your OWN state rep and state senators TODAY to voice your opposition to this bill (Senate Bill 1070 and House Bill 2632) as it is currently written.

Let them know you oppose this bill if it makes our driver's licenses national ID cards and allows law enforcement to detain us without consequence.

Click here for the contact info for your state senator and here for the info for your state reps.

Thank you for your continued vigilance on behalf of liberty.

Senator Pearce is saying that the bill does not contain national ID. It very clearly does, by the language of the bill: FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ legtext/49leg/2r/bills/ hb2632p.htm

"F. Except as provided in federal law, officials or agencies of this state and counties, cities, towns and other political subdivisions of this state may not be prohibited or in any way be restricted from sending, receiving or maintaining information relating to the immigration status of any individual or exchanging that information with any other federal, state or local governmental entity for the following official purposes:

1. Determining eligibility for any public benefit, service or license provided by any federal, state, local or other political subdivision of this state.

2. Verifying any claim of residence or domicile if determination of residence or domicile is required under the laws of this state or a judicial order issued pursuant to a civil or criminal proceeding in this state.

3. Confirming the identity of any person who is detained.

I. A law enforcement officer is indemnified by the law enforcement officer's agency against reasonable costs and expenses, including attorney fees, incurred by the officer in connection with any action, suit or proceeding brought pursuant to this section to which the officer may be a party by reason of the officer being or having been a member of the law enforcement agency, except in relation to matters in which the officer is adjudged to have acted in bad faith."

Also, WHICH US Department does the INS (really now ICE) belong to? US Department of Homeland Security! WHICH US Department owns the REAL ID database? You guessed it. US Department of Homeland Security!

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Kelly Fink,

Arizona Campaign for Liberty Coordinator