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10 Questions for Ernest Hancock

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I just got an email (Sunday afternoon 3/21/2010) from a Brian Holtz. He is asking me some very good questions that I had hoped would be part of the LNC Chair race. I'll share the questions with you now and hope to get to them by the middle of the week after I return from New Hampshire.
My Campaign for Libertarian National Committee Chairman has finally produced the opportunity I have been waiting for. I have left my site nearly untouched for years in an effort to link my name with the popular signs (voted most popular political sign for 2006 by local newspaper readers) done for my 2006 race for Secretary of State...

Since 2004 my races for LNC Chair have been chronicled on www.ErnestHancock.ORG.
It was important that the issue of Voting and Libertarian Activism be brought forward in this race (all part of 'the plan' :) And my speech this weekend addressed this very issue at the FreeStateProject's Liberty Forum.
I had planned on putting the speech up on the LNC Chair site after returning to Phoenix,... but now I get to do hours of radio and videos addressing all of the questions below and researching who/what even asked the questions (I haven't even read them yet, but I appreciate the help :)
Any information about Brian and his perspective would be helpful in helping me to understand what would fully answer his questions best.
Now we can get down to what this whole effort is about.
Oh,... BTW, I don't have a problem with individuals doing anything they want. But I understand the appreciation libertarians have for the whole truth about any effort they participate in.... including voting. Let's Rock!
(I just went to the Ernest Hancock In His Own Words
 and I can't tell if the creator is a supporter or a detractor. But with thousands of hours of video and audio over the years to go through... he sure as hell is a fan :)
Just got this email from Brian Holtz...
Hi Mr. Hancock and Mr. Root,

First, as a Libertarian Party activist, let me thank you both for investing so much of your time and energy in freedom movement and the Party.

As a contributor for Independent Political Report, I'm writing to the two of you because in Austin you emerged as the front-runners in the race for LNC Chair.  I've prepared for each of you a separate set of ten tough but fair questions that should give each of you an opportunity to address some of the issues raised by your respective candidacies for Chair.  I want to make sure you have a chance to provide answers that I can include with these questions when I publish them on IPR on Sunday, March 28 (or as soon as I get answers from both of you).  Feel free to use hyperlinks and simple HTML formatting in your responses.

Yours for Liberty,
Brian Holtz
(LP activism resume here)

Brian Holtz to Ernest Hancock

1. Against Voting. While LNC Chair, would you continue to advocate against voting and use free airtime to announce you haven't voted since 2004?

2. LPUS Existence.  In 2003, you said "The national Party doesn't even need to exist" and "I'm for the national Party just closing up, moving out of the Watergate, evaporate, and leaving it back to the states".  You presumably would not keep saying things like this if elected Chair.  If you are not elected Chair, will you continue to question whether the LPUS is worth joining or even should exist?

3. Violent Revolution. While LNC Chair, would you continue to publicly predict a violent upheaval for which people should stockpile bullets, water, and canned goods?

4. Greatest Depression. While LNC Chair, would you continue to dispense stock market advice (like saying "sell now" before a 35% 12-month increase in the DJIA) and economic predictions (like forecasting "the greatest depression ever" just as the recession was ending and GDP growth resumed)?

5. Bob Barr.  Did the Denver delegates nominate a non-libertarian? You say "you're either a libertarian or you're not. You're wanting to leave people alone or you're not."  Would you say that Bob Barr is disqualified for the following positions?

Would vote for a Fair Tax if it replaced the income tax Defended the authority of the states to outlaw drugs, gay marriage, and abortion Would physically secure the borders, checking immigrants for threats to security and health Approved of the 2001 U.S. military overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan

6. Ron Paul.  Is Ron Paul a libertarian?  He has expressed support for every single one of the Barr positions listed above. And in his 2008 campaign, Ron Paul also

Denied ever advocating abolition of public schools Said he helped "save" Social Security and would "take care of the people who are dependent on" it Advocated financing government with tariffs and excise taxes (which are force initiations, right?) Advertised in TV commercials his blanket opposition to student visas from "terrorist nations"

7. Chuck Baldwin.  Do you still think that in 2008 the Constitution Party nominated "a good hardcore libertarian"?  When you called Chuck Baldwin that in June of 2008, he was running for President on a Constitution Party platform advocating

banning marriage and adoption by gays banning all abortion banning suicide "restricting access to drugs" and "stopping the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S." "vigorously enforcing our laws against obscenity" tariffs "no less than the difference between the foreign item's cost of production" and U.S. costs "a moratorium on immigration" "return of a U.S. military presence at the Isthmus of Panama"

8. Conspiracy Theories. While LNC Chair, would you ever seek to have the LP promote any of the following theories?

The 16th Amendment was never ratified and/or the government's own laws don't require paying income tax FDR knew Pearl Harbor was about to be attacked 9/11 was an inside job

9. Restore04. You were a signatory of the Restore04 petition to restore the 2004 LP Platform.  Which, if any, of the following provisions of the 2004 platform -- each of which is more extreme than what Ron Paul R3volution ever advocated in 2008 -- do you favor restoring?

"the right of individuals to renounce their affiliation with any government, and to be exempt from the obligations imposed by those governments" "repeal of all laws that restrict anyone, including children, from engaging in voluntary exchanges of goods, services or information regarding human sexuality" "elimination of all restrictions on immigration" "repeal of all taxation" "all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately" "privatization of public roads" "termination of governmental monopolies for electricity, natural gas, or water supplies"

10. The Pledge.  LPUS membership requires pledging that you "oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals".  Should LPUS membership be revoked from people who (like Bob Barr) advocate a Fair Tax, or who (like Ron Paul) advocate tariffs and excise taxes, or who (like David Nolan) say their "preference is for a single tax on land"?


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Comment by Found Zero
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For benefit of Mr. Holtz, a more thoughtful reponse. Here's what I'm trying to say.

Why try to sell Ernie (or anyone else for that matter) to the internal LPUS rank and file? At a time when the word "libertarian" is on everybody's lips, nobody can seem to figure out what exactly that means. It's ludicrous. I think people want to hear the core issues debated. As in "what is a libertarian?" and "what does this mean vis-a-vis the current situation" rather than "who did who what when?"

And the more public THAT debate is, the more you attract new membership.

LPUS has no future unless this happens. The RP R3VOlUTION just made you irrelevant as you (LPUS) are in present form. You can only be a "me too" party to the GOP reformist initiative. And why would you even try when there's all those centrists, independents and people who have never even voted yet to think about. Those are the people that are looking for a political home.

As long as you guys are playing "who's the better republican" you'll never find them.

Comment by Found Zero
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There may be times to take Oyate seriously. This is not one of them.

Comment by Brian Holtz
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This is an interesting sample of the level of discourse at FreedomsPhoenix.  It will be fascinating to see to what extent Mr. Hancock will incorporate these crowd-sourced responses into his own.

Comment by Found Zero
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I wanna have a try at re-writing the questions. I feel my version is more succinct.

1. Hey Ernie, we give you the t-shirt, are you gonna play the game or what? Cause like, we can help you if you help us.

2. Are you gonna stop telling everybody we suck? Cause that really bones dude and we want you to stop.

3. Will you just not talk about the possibility of social conflict? Cause we already decided that won't win and it's been part of our success ever since.

4. Will you stop being specific about economics? That's just not cool man. It makes people uncomfortable.

5. Wouldn't you agree that Bob Barr is greatest and has the nicest hair and would look great on Dancing With The Stars and that he's really just a fuzzy bunny?

6. Wouldn't you also agree that Ron Paul is mouldy and needs a decent haircut and he'll never make it on Dancing With The Stars?

 7. Don't you think Chuck Baldwin, David Hasselhoff, the Ghost Of Christmas Past, HR Puff-N-Stuff and Carrot-Top are highly ambiguous representatives of the LP?

8. Do you believe in any of the following exist: conspiracies, the environment, Jews, the CIA.

9. You keep saying you are a libertarian. Well just HOW libertarian? Really, really really, really really really or really really really really? Also, and this is a yes or no question, would you say yes to something if you wanted to but you were under water after having been dropped from an airplane and you had to get home for dinner and saying yes would take too long and if you did you would drown anyway because that's what happens when you open up your mouth under water and if you didn't, how would that make you feel? Remember, a single yes or no answer only.

10. OK this one is totally key dude, this could make you or break you: Promise not to beat us up? And you tell all your friends not to beat us up?

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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 Now that was a complete 10 step bitch slap...way to go kenneth...LMAO


Comment by Kenneth Mohr
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I am new to all of this but I would like to answer the 10 questions just to see how well I have been infected with the injection of liberty.

1. Democracy is mob rule. Nothing about it protects the minority opinion. I am registered to vote because in Nebraska it is the only way to be called to jury duty for possible nullification. I also use it to monkey wrench. I want them to take the time to count my write-in for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Roger Rabbit. Is that sophomoric, petty and immature? Of course it is. I say never give up a perfectly good opportunity to at least give them the finger.

2. I believe Ernie will do everything he can to end the LPUS because it is full of shiny badgers, people who just won’t leave you alone!

3. Do you really think we are coming out of this recession? Do you not think it prudent to be prepared to feed your family and to be able to defend that family? I stockpiled for Y2K. Was it because I thought the sky would fall? NO. It was because I didn’t know what would happen. I was at a friends house when they celebrated New Year’s 2000 in Sydney and we all breathed a sigh of relief. We ate the food, used the fuel and keep the munitions cool and dry. And, I am doing it again because I don’t know what is going to happen. I do know that the government is tightening its grip on every aspect of my life.

4. I am sitting here writing this (9:24 PM March 21, 2010) while Nancy Pelosi is getting ready to vote for a government take over of Health Care, I believe it represents 17% of the total economy of the US. Just another pile of money to steal. When the looters out number the producers, economic collapse is inevitable. Read Atlas Shrugged.

5. Bob Barr is a NEOCON! The health of the state is WAR. That’s war, you know, kill, rape, pillage and burn. Not Wayne Allen Root, although some believe that rape, pillage and burn is what he wants to do to the LP.

6. Ron Paul is a Republican, not a libertarian. That is why Ernie ALWAYS advocates for PRINCIPALS OVER PERSONALITIES!!!!

7. Like Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin is more libertarian that Barr and W.A.R.

8. Conspiracy Theories. Well, We The People Foundation petitioned the government for a redress of grievances’ (see 1st amendment) and the judge said while you have a right to petition the government, the government does not have to answer. Really? Are you frickin’ kidding me? There is no conspiracy?

So am I to believe that an answer is not inherent in a redress of grievances’? Are you aware that petitions for redress of grievances set the federal legislative agenda into the 1840’s but the cowards began to ignore them because abolitionists’ overwhelmed the system to where ending slavery would have been all there was to talk about.

However, I digress. We The People asked for a simple thing. They asked the government to show the law that makes an individual liable to pay the income tax. Rather than show the law, the government said we don’t have to answer your petition. Really? Are you frickin’ kidding me? There is no conspiracy?

There are 8 separate Supreme Court decisions (establishes precedent in the constitutional application of law) that all say you have to be a corporation to be liable for the income tax as prescribed by the 16th amendment. When Erwin Schiff tried to present these Supreme Court decisions to a jury, the judge said “I won’t have the law in my courtroom!” Really? Are you frickin’ kidding me? There is no conspiracy?

My income tax rant ate up all the space for FDR. Read any history and you will see that he did more to enslave us than he did to ensure our liberty.

With 911, there is a mountain of facts and data that blow holes through the “official story”. It is a short list of one on who could have pulled it off. And that one is not someone in a cave with a walkie talkie.

9. Don’t know. Can I just not care?

10. The pledge. Is that like an oath? Does sending in the army to initiation force put the person who sent the army on the hook for initiating force, even though they never pulled a trigger?

I will rant on tariffs and excise taxes. Tariffs and excise taxes are fair because a person can avoid them. Don’t want to pay the indirect taxes on gas? You can walk, or ride a bike, or even take public transportation. Don’t want to pay the tax on cigarettes? Don’t smoke. Grow your own. Buy from Indians. I could go on and on, but let me tell you this.

In the early 80’s Ronald Regan established the Graves Commission to determine how the federal government collected taxes and how the government spent those taxes. The Graves Commission determined that all of the individual income tax collected going back to 1916 went to paying the cost of the IRS and to the Fed as an interest payment on the national debt. It is not going into any government program. It is all going to a private corporation. Still voting? Oh, that was number 1.

Comment by Brian Holtz
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Don, that analysis of the Chair's race was posted before I'd ever heard of Mr. Myers.  As I said on IPR: aside from Root's strong performance, there was no part of the Austin straw poll that didn't surprise me, so I'm still trying to figure this race out.

I'll try to come up with a generic set of questions for all the Chair candidates if this process picks up some traction.  Hancock and Root are the more controversial of the candidates and also led the Austin polling, so I wanted to try to get them on the record on some of the issues specific to their candidacies.

Comment by Don Wills
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You omitted John Jay Myers from your commentary about the candidates for LNC chair. John Jay has a real chance of winning (unlike one or more others). He did not attend the California LNC candidate forum in February, but that shouldn't disqualify him from your consideration.

I compliment you on your questions for Ernie and am eagerly waiting to read his answers. Will there be something similar for all other declared candidates?

Don Wills chairman, Wyoming LP

Comment by Brian Holtz
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I'm an open book, if you know where to look. For my perspectives on the LP, see my blog  In particular:

For my take on the LNC Chair race, see

For my proposal for LP ecumenicism, see

For the freedom activism efforts of which I'm most proud, see: (I chaired the subcommittee that rebuilt it)

Comment by Brock Lorber
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You know how I know you're a party-arch?

"activism resume"