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Pearce Amnesty bill is putting representatives jobs in jeopardy!

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This article is NOT anti-cop, its pro-peace officer  
The list of Senators and Representatives that's putting their jobs in jeopardy because of Russel Pearce and his Amnesty bill HB2632 / SB1070.
Pearce, Chuck Gray, Linda Gray, Allen, Burns, Gorman, Harper, Huppenthal, Leff, Melvin, Nelson, Pierce, Tipshraeny, Vershoor, Waring.
Antenori, Barnes, Gowan, Hendrix, Kavanagh, Seel, Ash, Biggs, Burges, Court, Crump, Lesko, Mason, McLain, Montenegro, Murphy, Nichols, Reagan, Stevens, Weiers, Weiers, Yarbrough
Russell Pearce claims law enforcement acts on our behalf and that's why they deserve infinite amnesty from prosecution and civil suits.

Why stop there Russell, lets just make EVERY government employee that works on our behalf immune from prosecution and indemnified.

Why should cops, prosecutors, and judges be the only ones above the law? I would love to see the clerk at the DMV running amock with immunity. How about the metro bus driver?

FIFTH AMENDMENT -- 'No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or PROPERTY, without due process of law.

Russell claims that any case you bring against a cop is frivolous and his legislation is the judge and jury on this issue.

I will admit, I don't quite trust law enforcement with this power because I am personally familiar with malicious arrests and prosecutions and I will guarantee this power will be abused.

There are so many issues with this bill the I could rant for 2 hours.
Psalm 72
He shall judge thy people with righteousness and thy poor with judgment and shall break into pieces the oppressor
Russell Pearce’s bill
HB2632 and/or SB1070
or what I call it "The Arizona Police State Act"
Call and ask him why his putting cops above the people.
Phone Number: (602) 926-5760
Email Address:
Russell Pearce is a legislative terrorist...yes, I said it...a terrorist!
Let me start by saying this bill is NOT about immigration its about making cash, implementing real id, increasing police state powers, and legislating cops above the citizens.
The bill is blatent and basically claims the citizens are slaves and cops are kings. How dare you have the gall to sue the king or back talk the king?
Why are you trying to drive a wedge between the cops and the public deliberately putting police in a bad position where they will be despised?
Seriously, Pearce wrote in the legislation that any Law enforcement official could arrest anyone WITHOUT WARRANT on probable cause to believe that the person
committed any public offense. Not reasonable suspicion of a crime but any public offence. This is so broad it could include jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk or not cleaning up your dogs doo doo.
There are 8 billion so called "laws" so good luck not breaking one and don't go thinking it won't be abused, because there are videos of 80 year old grandmothers being tazed on Youtube. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely!
In as much, the most bizarre part of the bill is where he has the nerve to Indemnify ALL law enforcement agencies against any wrong doing...huh?
He even goes as far as to use taxpayer monies to pay for the officer’s attorney bills if they are sued. Which is what is going to happen and they know this and that's why it was written in the bill.....
If they truly thought the police actions were constitutional and the laws put forth in this bill would not be abused they would not have to put a provision in their protecting them against lawsuits.
Sounds like if you work for government you have one set of rules if you are in the public sector you have another.
Hmmmm, where have I seen this behavior before....It almost mimics what they are doing in Washington right now. Writing legislation exempting themselves from, how convenient!
Pearce's motto should be:
"Law enforcement is above the law and when they are not, I will legislate till they are"
Who the hell does this man think he is writing legislation making police above the citizens? Who are you representing Russell, because it is NOT the people.
Let me guess whom you are representing....could it be these for profit CORPORATIONS who stand to benefit?
Phoenix Law Enforcement Association
Maricopa Deputy's Law Enforcement Association
Maricopa County Detention Officers Association
Glendale Police Officers Association
Mesa Police Officers Association
Chandler Police Officers Association
Border Patrol Officers Association
Arizona Highway Patrol Association
The list above are ALL corporations and of you don't believe do your own research and look it up on Dunns and Bradstreet


Russell how is the so-called taxpayers best friend paying for legal bills occurred from an unconstitutional arrests or tazings or murders committed by police? Which again...IS GOING TO HAPPEN.
Remember guys...If this bill passes and you get violated by law enforcement and the courts laugh at your case, dismiss it, and call it frivolous, this man is to blame.
Link to all other House members
Link to all other Senate members