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Arizona State Senate Ethics Committee Asked to Review Russell Pearce's Actions

Written by Subject: Police State
Attorney for Ernest Hancock and, Michael Kielsky (also Arizona Libertarian Party State Chairman) is representing Ernest Hancock in defense of his Free Speech (PDF of request Included)
sent to Arizona Senate Ethics Committee

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Comment by Cory Brickner
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The state creates fear.  Fear begets a larger state. Since the state is a leech upon society, it must justify what it steals in order to exist.  The state creates nothing but fear, and its price is liberty.

The reality is, the state has created the laws which give those who desire to terrorize a reason to do so.  Once you remove the "war on x" then you remove the need live in fear.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."- Samuel Adams, State House of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (1 August 1776)


Comment by Brock Lorber
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"It is your traitorous open border belief that needs to be reviewed."

I've noticed the words traitorous and traitor are only ever used in the context of race, as in by AB-types.  What makes AB think they would find truck among anarchists?

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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I don't think Russell is interested in "defending the border" otherwise I think he would write a law to bring the Arizona guard home from Oversees and deploy them to defend the Arizona border. Or he could fund a volunteer posse like the minutemen to defend the border. Instead he wants to turn Arizona into a police state and continue Federalizing it. He wants to turn Arizonians and small business owners into criminals so he can expand his plundering operation.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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You should be supporting Patriot Russell Pearce and inviting him to

speak at the breakfast club, not attacking him. 



The above link will take you to several Radio Interviews and Arizona Breakfast Club appearances by Russell Pearce.


Your extreme brand of Libertarianism extrapolates the freedom agenda to impractical ends.


I have a different opinion.


This is particularly evident with your open border beliefs that would

expose  US  to all kinds of terrorism, ignores our sovereignty, places

the interests of foreigners above US citizens and contributes to the

illegal allien invasion which is bankrupting our budgets and diluting




For my opinion on Immigration Issues…


Your "review" of Pearce is clearly a cheap political attack

without merit.



My first inclination is to ignore just about any rhetoric from politicians and media and just keep informing people. But the actions of a State Senator in his capacity as a State Senator, using his official email account in communication with ‘the planet’ to label anyone a ‘domestic terrorist’ must be addressed directly or it will continue and escalate. This attack on Free Speech was much more than a swipe at me.


It is your traitorous open border belief that needs to

be reviewed.


I’m pretty sure that ‘review’ of my ‘border belief’ is well under way and I have given you plenty to ‘review’ in the links above. It’ll be up to the individuals doing the reviewing to determine if my positions traitorous. But you’ll quickly understand that I would never use political office to attempt the silencing of opinion.


Patriot Harry Everingham, ABC's founder, must be turning

over in his grave.



Harry and I understood each other very well and agreed on many fundamental truths. He knew my reasoning and respected my positions. He agreed with me that the main problem was the Welfare/Warfare State.


Society invests heavily in walls, doors, fences and

boundaries for good reasons as your real estate agent wife can tell you.



The defense of private individual/property rights is indeed a primary function of government. So I advocate for all land to be privately owned and the problem is solved. Which is why I focused so much on the rights of private property owners on the border to defend their property against a federal government that would deny them that right. At the same time they would deny a private property owner the ability to allow visitors (from anywhere in the Universe) on their property. The Immigration controls advocated by many is a mask for controls on all Americans without addressing the Welfare/Warfare State that is killing us all.


Unless you have dispensed with such at your personal residence, your

phony position is the height of hypocrisy and frustrates the freedom

philosophy!  Freedom has responsibilities. Only criminals believe they

have the right to do anything they want without considering the rights

of others.  It is because of this arrogance and ignorance that we must

have laws and their enforcement.   Sheriff Joe, Andy Thomas and Russell

Pearce understand this, too bad you and others don't and can only resort

to baseless, political attacks to mask their own self centered




My self centered interest is Individual Liberty. “Freedom’s the Answer,… What’s the Question?”
“Only criminals believe they have the right to do anything they want without considering the rights

of others.” … You mean like government does?... and this legislation provides a great deal more cover for the Police State to violate our rights a great deal more without any accountability for their actions.


Your immature brand of the libertine mantra that I can do

whatever I want is a childish trait that most of us have grown out of.

Until you do, you remain part of the problem, not the solution.  



What is the problem in your mind? And your solution would be….?









Comment by Brock Lorber
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