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4409 -- Russell Pearce: Due Process is overrated

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Russell Pearce’s bill blatantly ignores the 5th amendment and ANY legislator who votes for it is an accomplice in the theft of the people’s property.

Nothing like legislating yourself the right to steal right? Racketeering at its finest. RICO….You give them an inch and they take a mile.
I guarantee this man will be working for DPS or Homeland Security next.
Despite national experts contacting the Arizona State Legislature and advising them that a NATIONAL ID is in the bill, there is no indication that ANY modification has been made to the language of the bill.
Only you can stop it and only if you ACT RIGHT NOW.

It is important that you IMMEDIATELY CONTACT your OWN state rep and state senators TODAY to voice your opposition to this bill (Senate Bill 1070 and House Bill 2632) as it is currently written.  In your phone call and in your email, tell your state senator and state representative to oppose the bill as written. Here is the contact info for your state senator

Contact info for your state reps:

Thank you for your continued vigilance on behalf of liberty.