For immediate release: new currency issuance in Northern Arizona

Written by Subject: Humor
Founders of the Billy Buck announce this form of competitive currency, available at our trailer park, redeemable at our trailor park for certain consumables such as weed, beer, porno, loose women and comfortable couches.
It is the hope of the founders of the Billy Buck, that our 100% commodity based currency will provide a refuge for safe-haven investors and "soiled white collar" crime, money-laudering and killer champagne brunches on Sundays.
Billy Bucks can be converted to weed, beer and whores at any time to any bearer thus setting a new standard for global trade and stability.
To avail yourself of this great new investment opportunity, contact your broker who will contact us and we will tell your broker to drop dead. You can only get Billy Bucks if you hand out with us and party. And then we get to play Pin The Tail On The IRS Jackass.
Supplies of IRS Jackasses are unlimited! Order now!