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Statewide to 6000 people (now 20,000 more worldwide) Arizona Nat. ID Effort

Written by Subject: Police State
From: Arizona Campaign for Liberty <no-reply@campaignforliberty. com>
Date: Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 2:50 PM
Subject: Urgent Action Alert: Arizona Drivers License to become National ID. Please Act Now.

March 30, 2010

Dear Fellow Arizona Campaign for Liberty Members,

There are a lot of issues each one of us is concerned with.  Oftentimes, when bad law passes, it can be changed in the future and corrected.  National ID is the exception.  Once National ID is implemented, it can never be repealed, because once the data has been handed over to the federal government, it will never be deleted.

Under State Senator Russell Pearce's bill, SB1070 (and its companion, HB2632) contains a section which allows the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department to exchange your private data with the US Department of Homeland Security (who owns the REAL ID/PASS ID database) for the purposes of verifying your immigration status.

This is precisely the requirement that the REAL ID legislation required.  Worse, this bill specifically allows for the exchange of your domicile information with the US Department of Homeland Security.  Together, this information can also be used to register the legal purchase of firearms.

Senator Pearce calls his bill the anti-sanctuary city and anti-illegal immigration bill.  We do not oppose these parts of the bill, only the specific part which provides private information of law abiding Arizona citizens to the US Department of Homeland Security.

Senator Pearce maintains that the only way to sort out who-is-who is to provide your information to Homeland Security.  This is unacceptable.  The first priority of government is to protect the liberty, which includes privacy from government, of law abiding citizens.

Please view recent analyses of this bill provided by a nationally recognized National ID expert who was instrumental in preventing REAL ID from being implemented.

Analysis 1

Analysis 2

Based on the actual language of the bill (in SB1070 Section 2. 11-1051, Subsections E. E.1. and E.2.), there is no doubt that this bill applies to all law abiding Arizonans who go to get their driver's licenses and that their private data will be handed over to the US Department of Homeland Security.


This bill will be heard for a final time in committee tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 31 at 9am.

It is important that you contact your own state representatives and state senators both by phone and by email.

-Please tell them that you oppose this bill in its current form.

-Please tell them that the amendments that have been made do not protect Arizonans from their data being disclosed to Homeland Security when they go to get their driver's license.

-Please tell them to remove section 2. 11-1051 Subsections E. E.1 and E.2 from SB1070 as well as F. F1. and F2. from HB2632.

Find your State Representative's contact information HERE.

Find your State Senator's contact information HERE.

Finally, please also contact all of the members of the Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee to ask that they vote the bill down.

Find their information HERE or go to the Arizona Legislative Information Service (ALIS).  Sign up and leave your opinion (against) SB1070 "as written" for the House Committee on Military Affairs and Public Safety.

Just like other bills (for example, SB1443, the Photo Radar Expansion Bill), many representatives and senators have been misinformed about the actual contents and wording of certain bills.  Unfortunately, they do not always read the actual words of all bills.  Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us to remain vigilant at all times to ensure our liberty is protected and our state representatives and senators are fully informed.

Please take action immediately.  This urgent issue is about to be decided. While Arizona has been exempted under previous state legislation from mandatory participation in the REAL ID program, here the state legislators are going to approve the state willingly handing over the very same data that the national REAL ID program required!

Thank you for your continued vigilance.  Thank you for taking action on this important issue.

Best Regards,

Arizona Campaign for Liberty

P.S. - Please don't forget to check out our new website and sign up for one of our Grassroots Activist Bootcamps, which we are conducting around the state.  Maricopa County's Bootcamp will be this Saturday, April 3rd at 8:30am!