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Was it all an April fools day Joke? "news" covers Photo Radar Van w/ Tar and Feathers

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Comment by foundZero
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Yeah you dick bags, Jet Lacey will never invite me to be on his show. To tell you how I'm going to do an Oyate thing and show up at the next tea-party in my town with a very long ball of string.

And as the neocons in my town talk about how great GWB and Reagan were, I will try to unwind this string through the whole crowd and tell each person "this is a string that symbolizes our connection to one another"

I will not tell the speakers, I will just do this and see how many of the people in my town accept this string or just throw it away and let it fall to the ground.

Based purely upon this, I will determine if I will fight for the people in my town or just abandon them with TSHTF.

I will attend Prescott tea party.

Comment by foundZero
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Yeah it looks a little low-budget to be Pixar. But it certainly makes one wonder how many other things we can do that wouldn't happen.

BTW, that's common driveway sealant, not tar. See, tar you have to heat up real hot or you can't work with it. Driveway sealant is liquid but still real sticky, available in  gallon buckets at any neighbourhood Home Depot.

This is not intended to be an edorsement of Home Depot or it's stock holders. Editors of Freedoms Phoenix take no position regarding Home Depot.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I don't think what I saw could have been faked without some sophisticated props or video editing.   I too believe what I saw.  AzFOIA the DPS for their investigative summary on th incident.  If they deny it, they had better be telling the truth.  Otherwise they should either comply or more likely inform you they cannot send you a a report on an ongoing investigation---thereby confirming the incident occurred.