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LNC Chair candidates given 500 words in the LPNews - Ernest Hancock's

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A Declaration of Intent

500 words require that I be very clear and to the point about my motivations for seeking the LNC Chair. This article, with supporting links, can be found on

The renaissance of libertarian philosophy has produced the hoped for revolution in the minds of America’s youth, and libertarianism has reentered American politics.

In the past, the LPUS served as a ‘Liberty Nexus’ for those that chose to embrace the principled libertarian philosophy that advocated for individual rights, peace, freedom and tolerance. However, soon after making new alliances with others of the same mind inside the LPUS, it is often clear to many of the most passionate libertarian minds that their efforts are more productive outside the LPUS. This revolving door effect has produced more libertarians outside of the National Party than inside. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But for the LPUS to be relevant to human freedom we must understand what is happening and be of service to the individuals that are the change we seek.

Many tools provide immediate peer to peer communication and coordination with local LP groups. But the LPUS’ inaction is often perceived as being an impediment to these communications and the accompanying networking of libertarians that results when we are politically active.

Often it is only the LPUS that has the standing to Challenge the Idolization of an all powerful all knowing Federal Government, but the perception is that the LPUS is not a challenge to the tyranny America increasingly suffers.

Fear of criticism has eliminated the LPUS from consideration as a front line ally in the quest for liberty. 20 years of Hard Core No-Compromise libertarian activism hasn’t kept me incarcerated, targeted and removed from relevance in the world of politics, in fact, it has had just the opposite effect. Fearless advocacy of libertarian philosophy is exactly what is missing from the LPUS.

My goal is to make it perfectly clear to the world that the LPUS in Convention made a very clear choice to join the peaceful revolution against the Omnipotent State. Any attempt to negotiate for a place inside this corrupt and illegitimate abuser of human rights on their terms is a clear sign of fear and weakness to those possessing the passion and talent to work for individual liberty.

Vote percentages, money raised, laws passed, media coverage, inspired activists,… are all side effects of a clear standard set and advocated for in freeing as many minds as possible with the truth.

Peace over War, Truth not Lies, Courage trumping Fear, Resolve instead of Compromise, Inspiration vs Compulsion, Self-Reliance not Dependence, Tolerance over Bigotry, and above all, the advocacy of Love.

I offer nothing less than participation in a worldwide LOVEolution. The LPUS has the opportunity to influence the greatest decentralization of power in Human History, but we must first lead by example and be of service to the individual activists advocating libertarian philosophy,… if not, then why would they need us?

Ernest Hancock


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Comment by Helmuth Hubener (29554)
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Don, Root wants to run a one-man show. To be a big fish in a small pond.

Ernest understands the big picture.  He has friends throughout the broad liberty movement.  And he was a major architect/fire-brand of *THE* libertarian outreach event of the past 40 years: the Ron Paul Revolution.  I don't know what more you could want.  Good things will happen with Ernie as the chair.  Root will still be free to go on talk shows, and you'll still be just as able to try to win elections as today.  But Ernest will be better for the organization and the grassroots and for keeping the LP relevant.  After Bob stinking Barr, the continued existence of the LP as anything meaningful is in serious doubt.

Comment by Don Wills (14843)
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You all probably know that I believe Ernie is a great activist, but that I support another candidate for LNC chair. So I'm sure I'll be attacked for anything I write. Sigh.

Quite frankly, I was confused by Ernie's 500 words. After reading it, I still don't understand what Ernie's "motivations for seeking the LNC chair" are. As Ernie has said several times, he doesn't need to be LP chairman to advance his cause.

The sentence that was most curious to me was this one -

"I offer nothing less than participation in a worldwide LOVEolution."

Let me get this right - if the LP members elect Ernie as chair, he will bring the LP into "the LOVEolution", which is the moniker Ernie has given to the brand of libertarian activism that he promotes. Does that sentence mean that the LP can't participate in "the LOVEolution" if the LP chooses someone other than Ernie as LP chair? I hope not. We all need to stick together. What if that someone chosen as chairman is W.A.R.? Will Ernie abandon the LP if W.A.R. is elected chairman?

Comment by Ducati Jeanne (13897)
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I agree with Ed, the powerful 500 word statement by Ernie Hancock is yet another example of his dedication to the Truth, Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Freedom and R3VOLUTION.

Standards we live by and conduct our activism include the realities that: "We have already won" and "We vote every time we hang a sign, do a street action or hand out a flyer or DVD. "

It is all about freeing minds and Ernie is one of the BEST out there constantly spreading the message.

To quote Ernie:  "Freedoms The Answer!  What is the Question? " 

Comment by Ed Vallejo (5272)
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I could not have said it any better myself!  Thank you Ernie for your 'no-compromise' attitude - the biggest problem in the world today is people 'sacrificing principle for power'.

Stick to your guns!


"Liberty-tarian" as Michael Badnarik likes to call it.