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Written by Andrew Strmic Subject: New World Order

It is April 15 "Dooms Day" for slaves in America where the Anti-Christ...oops I mean Government Demands Tribute!  Watch Jason Bermas's NEW DOCUMENTARY exposing the NWO!!!!   It's being Looped at Justin TV Today.

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Watch live video from Police State 4 HD on

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Comment by Chris Branscombe (27102)
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Maybe Im ,Nietzschean

Without watching the hole video (which I will do) I still can not understand why these peace officers will place on themselves shields and weapons to do harm to us without consultation with me? ,"It is just"  And  I  must have this control!!!

Protection you see gives me, my power and pleasure! I will forget about Humans because I will have put myself in a position above such simnel.

 What I have just said folks should not sound whako, crazy, Out there, because this is part of the mentality that is ruling our earth. We are sweet cakes for christmas and yes we are being ruled by an elite crowd that just does not care if you live or if you die. 

OK I guess no shakles means no slavery? In modern terms this is translated into "what is your percentege rate?" The man behind the curtain is real and I get a glimps of him every F-kn day. How bout you ???