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Sending the message of freedom to Iraq...

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Here's the first round of pictures. These were taken outside of one of Saddam's torture prisons.  We'll be visiting the refugee villages in the next couple of days.


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Comment by SSG Medzyk
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 Saddam went to war against his neighbors. The USA and coalition forces stopped his aggression and destroyed his ability to attack again. War sucks, but islamic bad guys with armies suck more. Notice, the caption say she is outside one of SADDAM'S torture rooms (highly doubtful if it really is though, that looks more like an apartment or office building. Saddams sons did their evil in out of the way places). Since that T64 is sitting there, it would be a capture, and is on display outside a coalition office or command.

But, since most of the liars in the IVAW never went to Iraq or even served in the US wouldn't know about that.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Now those are some fine photos!