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Ernest & Donna Hancock endorse Adam Kokesh's fund raising

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
Adam Kokesh has inspired the youth that has been so elusive in previous election cycles. Ron Paul's message continues in Adam's effort to bring Peace, Truth and Responsibility into a debate about the future of life in America. Dr. Paul has openly endorsed Adam Kokesh and individual FreedomsPhoenix volunteers have made two trips to New Mexico in support of individual activists there using Adam's message to free as many minds as possible with the truth.
Now is a very crucial time in Adam's campaign and support is needed the most right now. Many have done their best to make certain that Adam Kokesh has been able to share the freedom message throughout this campaign cycle, and Adam's success in the Republican Primary June 1st is a very important milestone in the effort to encourage an entire generation.
Adam Kokesh is head to head with an establishment that opposes the freedom message. May 1st the New Mexico Republican Party is hosting...
Adam Kokesh is representing a message that can only be spread with the effort of us all. My wife Donna and I have endorsed Adam's message as a key "Injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of American politics,... for which there is no cure." I am very very frugal in giving my personal endorsement, but Adam's race is special in that he represents the resistance of an entire generation of young activists willing to stand up to those actively pursuing their enslavement.
I'm asking that you please consider making a donation to Adam's Campaign at a time it will have the maximum effect... that time is Right Now!

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Comment by Morpheus Titania (1068)
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is Adam invited to the presentation with Mr. Rove?  lmao

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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I, Oyate, endorse the endorsement of Ernest and Donna Hancock and am a proud financial contributor to Kokesh For Congress.

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