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Ernest Hancock - Libertarian National Chair Debates - Kansas & Indiana April 24th 2010

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Comment by Ed Vallejo (5272)
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I started to do a 'Slanted Synopsis for the YouTube Impaired', but I didn't get very far.  It's a fairly long video but it is OUTSTANDING watching from beginning to end.  Why do I say that?  Because as I see it, it starts out with a clear difference between the two candidates, and their views on 'control', among other things, and gets clearer and clearer as more information is given to the viewer.  I know I am biased because I am one who refuses to 'sacrifice principle for power - in any form'.  That made it obvious to me which one I (and the Libertarian Party as founded, IMHO) are more aligned with in thought:


Wayne:  “I’ve been on television a thousand times or more since the election, over two thousand times since I started running for President as a Libertarian - I’m accepted by the Mainstream Media.”

Ernie:  “I understand MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, altogether, may get three million, at peak, viewers – four, if they’re lucky.  There’s three hundred million people in this country – I want them.”

Most Asked Question

“How do you feel about the ongoing tug-of-war  between those who want to hold to our Partys’ principles, and those who are willing to bend the principles to gain popularity and win more votes; which do you personally feel are more important?”

Ernie:  “…in our Statement of Principles, it’s very clear, We, the Members of the Libertarian Party, support the rights of the individual, and challenge the Cult of the Omnipotent State.”

Wayne:  “You’ve got to elect someone as National Chair who is good at training you… forget about anything – your opinions on things – training you, how to get in the Media with your opinions, and how to phrase those opinions – like it or not.”


By the time Wayne got to the point where he was talking about how things could be accomplished and said "...but it can’t be pure, and you’re gonna have to hold your nose, and conservatives will have to their nose…”

Well, that was it for me - I felt no need to write any further.  It was plain as day to me (and hopefully to you also, Dear Reader) as to what both of their agendas had in mind for the Libertarian Party - and 'libertarianism' as an ideal.  One wanted it to stick to it's Principles, and the other wanted it to 'morph'.  Funny (not ha-ha funny either) that Wayne has used that exact word in every speech I have seen him make publicly in the recent past.

To prove my point, Ernie got up after Wayne finished and politely thanked him for being his 'Campaign Manager'!

One thing becomes crystal clear in my mind.  My future participation in the Libertarian Party (at the National Level) hinges on the outcome of this race.  After being a Delegate at the last LNC in Denver and seeing 'behind the curtain' as it were, I know for certain that to continue down the path of the 'Dark Side' would accelerate the end of the National Party, and possibly change the definition of 'libertarian' in the mind of Mainstream Media viewers and Tea Partiers that would (and do) see W.A.R. as the Standard Bearer.

We'll see.


Ed Vallejo, Editor


Freedom's Phoenix

Comment by Don Wills (14843)
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Ernie - thank you for recording and publishing the video of these events!