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RFID Roadmap to the Future

Written by Subject: Police State
Hello, my name's OldKrypton and I wanted to submit Katherine Albrecht's lecture on the history, use, and projected wanted and unwanted intents of the RFID tech.  I saw that you hosted a repost of Facebook Has Merged Your User Profile with RFID.  I've got it as part of a tremendous series called Don't Be Surprised.  I was hoping you'd thumb through both that series and How To: Stupify Society to see if there are any vids you may deem worthy of posting them here on your channel so as to get more awareness.  Here's an episode list and I hope a few of these submissions prove to be helpful in your website's efforts.  Thank you for your time.

Don't Be Surprised: p7 RFID Roadmap to the Future

Don't Be Surprised: p16 RFID Full Disclosure: Past Present and Future

Don't Be Surprised: p27 Alex Jones on Project Blue Beam

Don't Be Surprised: p41 Technology and Prophecy

Don't Be Surprised: p56 Then There's the Brainchips

Don't Be Surprised: p74 RFID Now You Know More

Don't Be Surprised: p88 Jesse Ventura HAARP 1/4

Don't Be Surprised 101: Modern Warfare and Telepathy 1/12

Don't Be Surprised: 114 Hot Chick Brings You Up to Speed 1 of 2

How To: Stupify Society p4 Where Does Cool Come From?

How To: Stupify Society p42 - The Dumbest Generation p1 of 12

How To: Stupify Society p55 - Ideological Subversion 1/7 - Yuri Bezmenov

How To: Stupify Society p65 - Mind Programming 1 of 12

How To: Stupify Society p77 - The Plague of Modern Masculinity Pt. 1 

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