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4409 -- PROP 100 = BAILOUT

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What other business do you know of that the CEO and the Board of Directors can blow the companies money, then threaten their employees with termination so they will run around lobbying the people for a bailout......then... have an election to make it legal to steal the money to pay off the excess spending on behalf of the very people who blew the money in the first place?
Proposition (noun )
2. a plan or "scheme" proposed.
liberal puppet Jan Brewer and her friends down at the legislature are conducting a "special" election for Proposition 100 in order to steal billions from you since they can't seem to stop spending.
On May 18th 2010 the people will go out and pretend to vote. These "special" elections are conducted because of low turnout and the only people that vote are the people motivated by something the THREAT OF LOSING YOUR FREAKING JOB. Also since the turnout os lower they are easier to manipulate.
Now since the invention of these scam mail in ballots they can count the votes as they come in all month long and do market research in order to gauge the amount of propaganda they must put out there in order to get the desired results they are looking for. Those results always end up taking money from you and giving to another. That by definition is theft.
Let it NOT be said that no one cared!

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Comment by Nick Barnett
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I still think that if we are going to have a public sector, public sector employees should not be allowed to vote. Its like kids grading their own tests... its like the supreme court ruling what is "CONstitutional", its like... well, I can't think of any other good ones right now, but you get my point.

Flame suit on?  Maybe... but I doubt I'd need it around here.

Comment by Found Zero
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New video looks good. Prop 100? Reality is not so good.

I like your observation about how teachers become fulltime, paid lobbyists. Interesting in that as we see the cadres of government employees grow (the largest employer in the nation is federal employes and I believe our state is our state's largest employer now), they become a class unto themsleves.

Just watch them advocate for their right to govern over us.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Video quality should is having problems with processing

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Comment by David Alpha
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You forgot the double set of books they keep, the public and private versions. Try that in a small business and try not to end up in jail!

Anyone who votes (still voting?) for this is voting for additional slavery. Anyone who votes (still voting?) against this is still voting FOR the system, and entering into a contract that excuses the outcome of the alleged majority's decision.

In other words: 4 wolves voting to eat 1 sheep still doesn't excuse the theft and initiation of force!

David Alpha

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