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David Horowitz Exposes anti-Semitism at UCSD

Written by Subject: TERRORISM
A very telling video about the attitude radical Muslims have toward Jews and the kinds of inroads radical Islamists might be making on university campuses.
This is a video from a recent speech delivered by author David Horowitz at University of California San Diego (UCSD). If any of you thought that U.S. university campuses do not establish an atmosphere for radical Islamists or anti-Semites to thrive, think again.

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Comment by Freed Radical
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I completely agree with those who posted before me. Israel is a terrorist state, and I'm tired about hearing warmongering neocons whining about anti-Semitism. Stop slaughtering Arabs and stealing their land, and they might stop hating you! Problem solved! The same goes for the US and its 140 military bases around the world. End the Empire--Bring the troops home now!


Comment by Anonymous
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 David Horowitz an ex-member of the communist party turned "conservative" (read NEOCON) Republican isn't a great source of, well, anything, except one thing starting with S we cannot speak about here.

As they say, once a communist, always a communist.

He's nothing more than a communist change agent.

Comment by David Alpha
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"If you choose to not condemn Hammas, you choose to support it." -Horowitz from the video.

Hmmm, sounds an awful lot like the Bush doctrine of "you're either with us, or the terrorists."

And if this young lady is your example of a "radical muslim," she seems to be about as harmful as the easter bunny.

Anyways, please leave me out of your thousands of year old dust bowl squabble. The US and international banks support both sides of the conflict. Peace is expensive. War is profitable.

David Alpha

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Question should be....will horowittz condemn Israel and admit they are a terrorist organization and terrorize people throughout the world. Its well known that Israel funds the terrorist organization called mossad? The strange thing is Israel has been secretly funding hamas as well to keep the Jews in Israel in check and scared. Its a sick game the zionists play.

Horowitz is another zionist non-semtic fake jew pretender ....a complete joke

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