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Exit Through the Gift Shop - a Banksy Film

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He is a legend among street artists. Many Ron Paul R3volutionaries have adopted his work, his style or at least his tactics a time or two. Hollywood millionaires have snatched up his works for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He painted the West Bank Barrier in Palestine.His identity remains cloaked in secrecy and at Sundance his film screened without even being listed on the schedule.
He is Banksy... and this is his story. Well not exactly it was supposed to be his story but instead it is the story of a French American who set out... no wait it's about street art... no it's about the rediculousness of the art culture... well not exactly. Perhaps it is a lesson in viral marketing.
I saw it at the Ritz 5 in Philadelphia... whatever it is... it's entertaining and will be opening in Phoenix June 25th at Camelview.

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Comment by G Cone
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I wonder if they think that telling me they made a movie but refusing to say what it is about is supposed to make me interested in seeing it. That would be an incorrect assumption on their part. 

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