Article Image Continental Congress President Michael Badnarik greets me in St. Louis upon my arrival!

The Hancocks and I Arrive in St. Louis for LNC 2010

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Twenty-something hours after departing Phoenix, Ernie, Donna, Sierra Hancock and I arrive at the Rennaisance Grand & Suites in downtown St. Louis, Missouri - and who happens to be standing at the entrance waiting to be picked up for dinner?  My good friend and President of The Continental Congress Michael Badnarik!  It is the first time I've seen him face-to-face since his near-death heart attack and coma.
It was all I could do to keep my composure (especially after the demanding grind of driving seventeen of those twenty plus hours had taken its' toll).  THANK GOD this great man still lives and breathes - and he looks good, too!  I wasn't expecting to see him here but I was never so glad to hug someone, I tell you.  It will be a happy time this weekend, for sure.
Well, we're all dead on our feet, but we got here early so we can watch the SUNS GAME (GO GO GO!), get some food, catch some well-deserved z's, and up early to BANNER ST. LOUIS (heh heh - you know I couldn't dream of attending something like this without marking the U.S.A. as my 'territory').
I just had to shoot you some pics.  Here's the photo album so far: 
I'll keep you posted on the action at the LNC - watch for videos on my Psychictaxi YouTube Channel.

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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So good to hear you made it to St. Louis and hooked up with Michael B. just like you did!  We are all wishing you well and please keep us posted.  Thanks for putting stuff on the R3VOLUTION site as well.  Please keep the news coming in. As everyone knows "we are the media"

Best regards to all, Jeanne