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Libertarian National Chair Debate (VIDEO)

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National Chair Debate Libertarian Party May 29th 2010 - Ernest Hancock - Wayne Allyn Root - Mark Hinkle - George Phillies - John Jay Myers

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Root 228 (43%)
Hinkle 281 (53%)
None Of The Above 21 (4%)

Hinkle is LNC Chair 2010.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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2nd Round vote:
Root 223 (42%)
Hinkle 210 (40%)
Hancock 87 (16%)
None Of The Above 10 (2%)

Hancock eliminated, and obviously Hinkle will win next round. As predicted.   I was stunned at how bad Phillies did.  And I am not surprised the two extremists --Root & Hancock lost.  Extremism is not a bad thing in the case of Ernie, but it doesn't get the most votes.  But it frees minds ready to be freed.  The rest are


Comment by Powell Gammill
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1st Round Results:
WAR - 200 (38%)
MH - 113 (21%)
EH - 82 (15%)
JJM - 70 (13%)
GP - 55 (10%)
NOTA - 10

Phillies eliminated.  Myers drops out.

2nd Round Results: (in progress)
MH -
EH -

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