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The Un American "Pledge of Allegiance" and it's Socialist History

Written by Andrew Strmic Subject: Education: Government Schools
Hitler Salute High School Mt Ida Arkansas Pledging Allegiance
Francis Bellamy (1892 writer of the "Pledge") and his cousin Edward Bellamy famous socialist writer of a best selling book promoting National Socialism both believed that the Government should take over school education and to help propagandize this take over they came up with the “Pledge” and used it to sell flags across the country.  This was pure propaganda teaching children to pledge to enslave themselves under a authoritarian and Socialistic form of government.  This is why the Government backed the Bellamy brothers in promoting the “Pledge”.
Goose Step march goose stepping Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Pledge of Allegiance, Adolf Hitler & Raise your right hand?
 "American national socialists (including Edward Bellamy), in cooperation with Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, popularized the use of the Swastika (an ancient symbol) as a modern symbol for socialism long before the symbol was adopted by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) and used on its flag."
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Pledge of Allegiance Edward Bellamy Swastika

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts early promoted the “Pledge of Allegiance” and performed the Bellamy Solute (also known as the Nazi Salute”.  The Scouts were created to spread the Socialistic Ideology and propaganda into young minds.  Today there is still a fetish with worshiping in ritualistic and routine manners the Government.


Scouting Pledge of Allegiance, Nazi salute for Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts in the USA
Is National Socialism sexy?  Maybe the Scouts think so... but I think its unhealthy to promote something that enslaves us into servitude. 

Girl Scouts Scouting Boy Scouts Pledge of Allegiance

Girl Scouts Cub Scouts Red Flag & Red Scarf Scouting 1921


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Your article was biased against Germans. You need to look at the Jews and their treachery. If people knew how much the Jews were lying to them, they would shoot and hang all of them in the street . Hitler wasn't this evil man as he is portrayed in the Jewish history books, you need to get your facts straight. Lenin, Stalin, Churchill, and FDR were the evil communists. All Jews.

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