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4409 -- Was JESUS a Palestinian?

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
This is a short trailer of outakes of our documentary to be released next week. It's called Christian Zionism -The tragedy and the turning.

The footage was shot by Chuck Carlson who got into Gaza and was able to record the bombings from the Apache Helicoptors and did some interviews with people who live through the occupation daily.

Remember, the political state of Israel did not exist until 1948 and it was born by force.

Jesus could have be a Palestinian?
Palestinian is NOT a race or religion it's an area. Gaza was a political state as far back as Jesus. Jesus sure as hell was NOT an Israeli because that political terrorist state did not exist until 1948 and it was born by force by a United Nations edict.

The footage of Galloway I recorded a few days ago at ASU in Tempe, AZ.

Ironically George Galloway is a huge sponsor and promoter of the flotillas that were recently attacked by Israel.
Please take note there was NO political state of Israel until 1948 when it was hatched up by some europeans to name a piece of land after the man "Israel" They then would have to strip the land by force from the natives and hand it over to another class of people. Ahhhh Israel is born!

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Jesus Christ was a family hating communist.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Dracula Tepish is a troll and a pretty good one too just look at its past posts and you will see either a troll who does this all for the lulz or an unstable individual, actually they are the same thing.

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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Yhwh give me a break this idot is a fool 

Yahshua was not a palestinian since they the ROMANS tried to make JUDAEH into a new version of the phillistines

anything to screw up truth just like the CATHOLIC PAGAN church to rewrite history to their form of thought like the first church and mary the mother was born the same way as her son was a immaculate concept give me a break


it tells in the scriptures she had brothers and sisters and a younger brother but catholism says she was the only child one lie after another to fulfill MITHRAISM that is pagamism and the pagans have had their field day every

heres a question where is JERRIMIAH the prophet and his great granddaughter are buried at not egypt not jerusalem  then were in IRELAND

really hate it when these stupids say stuff they dont know nothing about

when he gets back here soon this infidel might wish he had not said such foolish tripe 



Comment by Anonymous
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The Romans forced the Jews out of Judea and forced them to settle in Rome and France.  The Jews were driven from their homeland by the Romans.  The Romans then changed the name of Judea to Palestine to destroy the sovereignty of the Jewish state.  They did this to the Jews because Judea fought against the Romans for their freedom.  Over 600,000 Jews were killed.  Over 200,000 Jews were left and were then moved out of Judea.  This is how the Jews came to be in Europe.

Comment by Found Zero
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@ DieDaily,


In response to your first counter-point, oh wow man.


In response to your second, oh man, wow. Finally. Finally.


In respose to your summative point, "The simple reason Noam is no longer a socialist or a Zionist is that he's a libertarian anarchist"


Wowie-zowie, you just blew the tiny top of my mind. Hang with me here: does that mean when Noam Chomsky dies, we will each in our factions sneak out like thieves in the night to grave-rob? That in fact, us cons will seek to claim the dead, rotting corpse of Noam Chomsky as our own?

As you say, the Jew-hating "prog/left" will have no problem with this. That puts us small "Ls" in the usual position of defending whomever makes it across our broken and fragmented and isolated firing lines. And for myself, by training and bond, once a scene is secured, all OUR ENEMIES turn, turn as if by a miracle, just like the sacrement of Jesus Christ, once the scene is secure, all of my enemies turn into my patients. And I've seen far fewer turn into patients. I've seen more enemies than I've seen patients is what I'm trying to say.


I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd like the patient ratio to come way up. I'd rather save more than I've lost. And while I'm alive, I still have a chance to do that.

Jesus was the kid we did an amputation on without anesthetic. Know how I know? The only word he would scream was "Jesus". That was a ton of fun. Don't even tell me, Christians where you met the Lord, I already know. I know that Christ was never cricified, they put him in a minimum-security penitentiary.


Because I have heard too much eye-witness testimony from people who will swear that they met the Lord in prison.

It seems that Jesus comes to the widow and the orphan and those without hope or deffense. Not exactly like you or I at all. Not exactly like you or I atall whom wake up with our colour televisions and our espresso macines.


White Buffalo Calf has returned. This is an absolute certainty, we got the photo/video proof and the ranch she was born in offered as proof. It's real. There is something coming. And Murray Lothbard and Ludwig Von Meices are just harbingers because we name among our original prophets such noteables as Chief Seattle. And Wo-Wo-Kan. And Ge-Hron-Im-Aho (Geronimo) who's original name, we are told was "Goyanthley" which is told means "One Who Yawns".

I think this might mean that Geh-Hron-Im-aho was orignally named "Sleepyhead". Before his name became, literally, in every language, "death from above".

That was his name. His band of Chiricauhua Apaches are famous. The name "Geronimo" is an angliczed contraction. This warrior died in submission to dominant culture. And he died with none of his people that we know of. Maybe somebody knows. Those bastards of Skull And Bones claim they have some of our people and for this, they will answer if not this time then the. next. Just wait. Just wait. Ho, just wait.



Comment by Die Daily
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Some great points, Oyate.

I think it's fair to make your argument that the Torah is anti-nationalistic, as long as you realize that in any holy book there will exist a wealth of equally powerful counter-arguments along directly opposite lines too. I think it's fair to say it replaces the physical isolation of having an exclusive national place, with the spiritual isolation of a distinct society.

You note that a lot of Jew-bashing is erupting all over the place, especially on Liberal boards, as you notice. This is a very bad thing. It means that we are not getting the message out that Jews cannot to be punished for the crimes of Zionists unless they have actively participated in crimes. Period. The reason the liberal boards are now awash with Jew-hate, it that the first ten years of attempted commenting was so savagely suppressed that the people are REALLY pissed at AIPAC / JLOB. I think it's safe to say that Zionism THRIVES on anti-antisemitism (i.e. the fake kind that applies to Jews, who are not semitic generally, not the real kind that is directed at the Palestinian Semites). The backlash, is exactly what Zionism seeks. They're screwed when the Jews and the rest of us get together in peaceful, equal brotherhood.

As for Noam Chomsky, damn-right he's brilliant. He's one of an extremely few liberal academics who have stood up to power and money unflinchingly. The simple reason Noam is no longer a socialist or a Zionist is that he's a libertarian anarchist. That's right, you heard it here first...

Comment by Found Zero
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Now here's someting I remember from Noam Chomsky's writings. He wrote that he was an American Jew, an early adherent of "Zionism" but he describes Zionism at that point as being anationalistic. Some of my blog buddies have speculated to which extent Noam is a Marxist/Trot since then, and it seems to us that he's come closer to "outing" recently.

It would certainly fit into the "International Soviet" to be anationalistic in these terms. And it might be simplistic to see how nationalistic and social-cohesive forces would forge this kind of identity we associate now with "zionism" (small Z intentional). However, there's this other complicating factor:

The Orthodoxy. From what I know, the Hebrew Orthodoxy has in main part reviled nationalism or a state or a nation state because they see this as contrary to rule by G~d as manifested in scripture. It's a worldy affair to many of them, and incompatible with the Law. Levitical Law (primarily).

What has further always intrigued me is how the word "Jew" can function as a nationality, a heritage (or blood line) or as a religion, individually or all at once.

I have always equated Zionism as a political philosophy and so have had no problem not liking Zionism as being patently racist, but having no problem with Jews on the whole. And you know how everybody has a best friend who is Jewish? Well I couldn't call them best friends, they were Hasidm; they guys in black suits with the funny haircuts and the women that never talked to you.

I had a whole software development team of them. I don't know what qualifies as "friends" but we did tell some good jokes, had some good laughs and got a heck of a lot of quality work done. You aren't exactly allowed to be "friends" with a Hasidm female. Not if you are like me, a mixed-breed. But you can have admiration and teamwork and respect.

We produced the best software documentation in the world. I had my team do it. It ended up reading so incredibly consisely but so completely, it was like reading "in the beginning there was the mission" and it spiraled out like Talmud, the most eloquent software docs in the world, because I knew I was dealing with highly literary and logical minds.

Anyways, you should see Jews getting bashed on the liberal boards. It seems to be fair in some of their boards to Jew-hate with wild abandon and the word "Zionist" applied to Noam Chomsky as a term of hate and slander.

A lib/prog/Marxist Noam Chomsky might be, but he's one of the most brilliant scholars on Mideastern politics and history in the world, one of the most honest "humanitarians" and one who has consistently applied his values in an honest and kind way.

I guess I'm making an appeal to gentleness and understanding here. In the same way that we're slandered as being "teabaggers" now and indistinguishable from TEA-OCONS, let's have a care for these words that we throw around.

If Noam Chomsky says he's a Zionist, there's at least one supporter of one Zionist in Northern Arizona. And I got a tomahawk you punks ;)

Comment by Die Daily
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I thought he was a chemo-gnostic pagan rebel. But if he were any of these things, of course the whole point is that it should be remembered that he would still be a Palestinian...if he was hangin' in Palastine.

Comment by Found Zero
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Jesus might have been either. I belive many Mormons consider themselves of the tribe of Asher.

As 4409 points out, there has never been a "Palestinian" state, it was pretty much just a location, biblical references to "Palestine" notwithstanding the previous monarchical nation-state having to political or verifiable social/familial connection to that kingdom of old.

It was common until quite recently for Western Europeans to consider themselves "semitic peoples" but there's no unified rational for this, I found several.

I really like recent anthropological studies that postulate that certain of us "humans" have neanderthal or pre-homo-sappiens blood in us. I always knew I was sub-human in some very definite way.

Come to think of it, the features in the Shroud Of Turin look kind of simian to me. Something about the simple eyes, strong brow and long nose. But I'd hope my simple ponderings are not offensive to anyone.

Certainly the fact that Jesus loved a hooker has no bearing unless she had neanderthal blood in her and ALSO did the hanky-panky with Jesus, whom even the Jews say was just an enlightened dude but not Messiach.

In my book, Jesus was a hippy communist with major individualistic leanings. A religious conservative, a social liberal, a man who told everybody else to get along and share and once he had them doing it, checked out of the Hotel California in a way nobody had though of yet: throw them a bone and run the other direction as fast as your sandaled feet would carry you. Right smack into the arms of people who torture you to death and with your last breath you say:

Seeya suckers!

Comment by Concerned Zionist
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Palestinian? Mormon? No no you people are mistaken Jesus was Jewish.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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A Palestinian?!  I though he was Mormon.

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