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More Gaza Flotilla Footage

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Editor's Note: So much for these people claiming to be peace activists.

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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Mike - "The Mavi Marmara passengers wanted a fight and they got one" So if they want a fight, all they have to do is say "We want a fight" and out of the sky like Peter Pan fly the IDF? Is this how it works?

"Israel told the people behind this that they would allow them to bring aid via a land-based convoy" - God bless them, they are so generous. The question is, why do they need Israel's permission?

 Why can't Gaza screen what Israel brings into Gaza (assault weapons, tanks, bulldozers, etc.) which they use to kill the Gazan people regularly? It's a two way street. If Israel got rid of all of their weapons, then maybe they would have a leg to stand on. Why does Israel have the right to defend itself and Gaza doesn't?

"Israelis have had to fight numerous wars of self defense in order to protect themselves" - Like the one last year where they killed 1400 Palestinians and bulldozed 50% of their farmland in response to the death of two Israelis?

"Israel either has a right to defend herself or she doesn't." I don't think they understand the word "defend". It's only "offense" that they understand. The settlements continue expanding into Palestinian territory. It doesn't seem to me that they're too afraid of the Palestinians being terrorists. Otherwise they would be moving in the other direction (away from them).



Comment by Found Zero
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Oh wow, Renzulli does want a fight.

Wells....first thing. Um....I can't play the "my dad can beat up your dad" because my dad went through the quadruple heart-bypass and then he has a stroke so he's not exactly in fighting form anymore. Poor cuss can't even remember his name.

And I can't play the "I AM OYATE" card anymore because I just opened "Oyate" as a tribe.

Are you looking for me to defend Israel? Why should I? They get enough of my money already.

Are you looking for me to defend the Palestinians? I wouldn't do so with words my friend. Some words are best expressed from the barrel of an AK. But an AK has a very limited vocabulary. For instance, it is very difficult to teach an AK to say "would you like a cup of tea?"

Man now you have made me regret my life. Because I know how to master a firearm but they always say the same thing. They go "bark bark bark".


I should have learned how to play a piano. And now both my hands have been injured in combat so I can't play piano even if I wanted to now. I can still use them to beat the snot out of somebody (could be you!) but then I tell my hands "you could have played piano".

And my hands say "what are you trying to bum us out?"

And I say "yes, fingers, you could have been attached to anybody and you could have had a life of artistic exression".

And my fingers say "not as long as I am attached to you".

So it seems I have homicidal fingers. They are not happy fingers. And they like grabbing people by the throat and smashing their tracheas and saying "excuse me but I didn't hear you".

It's a joke they play. Obviously you can tell that it's not easy to speak when you have a smashed trachea. And it's not a good thing because the fingers tell my arms "was that fun or what?" and then my arms get involved and before you know it, we're just bashing somebody's face in, having the time of our lives counting the blows, 1,2,3,4 and then we're just swinging at air because whomever was in front of us is on the ground bleeding and making a mess all over the place.

Now this is not something I'm proud of. And it's something I'd like to deny, because I'm like "fingers, what have you done now" and fingers say "don't blame me, I'm attached to your arms" and the argument goes around and around.

I will tell you what I think is pretty funny though. A fully battle-dressed IDF soldier sinking to the bottom of the sea, weighed down with battle gear and sinking like a water-weight, that strikes my fingers as funny. "Hoo-hoo, ha, ha" they say. And I'm like "guys, that's not funny, that's sick and perverted and morbidly twisted" but they say "hoo-hoo, ha, ha".

So Renzulli, you have nothing to fear from me but my fingers? Oh man. Keep a clear distance. Don't let them anywhere near you.

Comment by Found Zero
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"You, 4409, Oyate, and Powell are going to have to do better than that."


Uh, ok, I just woke up from a nap. Who are we fighting? Renzulli? That's not somebody's name, that is pasta. Lunguini, fettucini, renzulli. 

But I wake up fighting. Now Renzulli, tell us what you know: do you go better with salad with a light balsamic vinigarette or would you say you are more of a bread-and-butter dish? 

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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It has nothing to do with self-defense Tom and you know it. The Mavi Marmara passengers wanted a fight and they got one. When this idea first came public, Israel told the people behind this that they would allow them to bring aid via a land-based convoy. The organizers refused. Israel does not refuse aid to Gaza. What the flotilla organizers and Hamas object to is the fact that Israel screens much of what is imported into Gaza in the first place. If Israeli border guards find weapons in shipments to Gaza via land or sea they are confiscated. If you and the others who post on these threads did the research, it's obvious you all would know this and not make the kind of idiotic statements you have on these boards. It is ISRAEL not the Palestinians or Gazans who are persecuted since the Israelis have had to fight numerous wars of self defense in order to protect themselves against the theocratic dictatorships that surround her who fund, arm and train groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel either has a right to defend herself or she doesn't. Which one is it?

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Palestinians should not be allowed to defend themselves when their ship is being Interesting point of view. When Israel talks about defending themselves, what they have in mind is, bombing schools, bulldozing farms, bulldozing houses, raining white phosphorus on children, etc. But when Palestinians talk about defending themselves with slingshots...oh they're pretty radical an This sounds a lot is like a John Stuart sketch--pretty comical.

Mike - I looked at your posting, but did not find any evidence of your claim that Palestinians want to "slaughter Jews", maybe you forgot to post it.

"the flotilla was a propaganda ploy supported by Hamas and their sympathizers to make the Israelis look bad"- I agree with this, and they did a great job! Although it's not difficult to make Israel look bad, in fact usually they just do it on their own.


Comment by John Redman
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I am amazed that people like mike renzulli can post such ludicrous comments and not die from humiliation. "People preparing to defend themselves from IDF attack are  initiating attack". I guess that no one but Israel has the right to defend themselves in order for this to be true. As this is certainly NOT true then mike renzulli is a liar, yes? Yes. A toad. A rat. A slimeball. A wretched coward, YES. He is far from alone. The entire government of Israel is similarly comprised. People with such blood on their hands that the entire country ought be called by its EARNED name, Naziland II.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Its just so obvious to me that this whole thing is Israel's fault, going back to their creation in 48. The whole middle east fiasco is all the western world's fault. You can't just take someone's home and not expect them to be pissed. When the US government gives Israel 7 million dollars a day, we are all seen as complicit in support... by Iran, by Palestinians, by everyone else that can see the situation for what it is. American imperialism. If someone set up a congruent and overlapping state in my home and removed my rights, I wouldn't stop until they were wiped off the face of the Earth either.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Nick, are you really that dense to think that a clarification of an audio transmission is an admission of guilt? If you read the IDF press release you link to, you would see that IDF states: "the audio was edited down to cut out periods of silence over the radio as well as incomprehensible comments so as to make it easier for people to listen to the exchange." You, 4409, Oyate, and Powell are going to have to do better than that. Look at the footage of these and other videos I have posted and cross reference them to the press stories I have posted. Israel clearly is in the right and the flotilla was a propaganda ploy supported by Hamas and their sympathizers to make the Israelis look bad in order to undermine Israel in the court of public opinion. This is all being done in hopes of the end result being the eventual slaughter of the Jews. Don't believe me? Look at the clip of the Al-Jazeera story I posted on this page and read the interpretation of the flotilla "peace" activist's chant. Stop living in denial.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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IDF admits they doctored the footage they released.

Trust no one.

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