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Morpheus interviewed at Pro SB1070 rally

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Morpheus gets interviewed by Cindy Carcamo of the Orange county Register. Which by the way was NOT posted to the their site!

Cindy: What are you Protesting?
Morpheus: I am demonstrating for the rights of the individual.

Cindy: What is the problem with SB1070?
Morpheus:The Text of the bill is that all data Concealed carry, DVM, Fish and Game, DMV any other permit, license and public assistance...WILL be turned over to HOMELAND SECURITY!
Cindy: What is "The Beast"?
Morpheus: The Beast is the cult of the omni-present State!
Cindy: What is wrong with that?
Morpheus: As an Individual we all have the UN-A-LIEN-ABLE right to exist! I have the right to exist without the government in my life! I have the right to be left alone! Our governments primary job it to: Protect the right of the individual to be LEFT ALONE!
Cindy: So you are not here for immigrants rights?
Morpheus: This bill is a step in the direction of tyranny, despotism and fascism! The Direction we are heading towards is a chip implanted in your head or your hand! The Implantation of RFID or Bio-Metric devices into human beings as if they were cattle!


UPDATE June 10th 2010 council/SB1070-HB2162.PDF

We've been saying that it's section E, E1 and E2 under 11-1051 on page 1 which contains the exchange of law abiding citizens data with homeland security.
The "final" version of the bill has it in section F, F1 and F2.  Everyone I'm bccing have put E, E1 and E2 in their analysis.  Please change that to F, F1 and F2 and link using the link above which is the most up to date version.
I fully expect that once cogent criticisms of the above version circulate in the news, that Pearce will "find" the "real" final version of the bill and we'll get another version switching sections around again.  Just be prepared.  But right now, the provision handing over law abiding citizens data to homeland security, thereby turning Arizona licenses into national ids, is in 11-1051 F, F1 and F2.  Please update any analyses you have posted.

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Comment by Freed Radical
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Nice job, Morpheus!  Who cares what the Orange County Republican propaganda mouthpiece prints?  They will only print what fits into their pre-conceived story line about illegal immigration enforcement anyway, just as the left-wing media prints its bullshit about the new "racist" law.  The lamestream media on both sides will make a concerted effort not to mention the libertarian concerns about this crappy law creating a database of Arizonans for Fatherland Security to terrorize and the end game of national ID for all.  


“The lies the government and media tell are amplifications of the lies we tell ourselves. To stop being conned, stop conning yourself.”~ James Wolcott 




Comment by Brent Johnson
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As an investigative journalist and broadcaster, I can say with certainty that Morpheus' concerns are well-founded, regardless of what ignorant commenters might write. We have a paranoid police state that doesn't believe individual rights at all. The government does not believe there are any laws or powers greater then its laws and powers. It does not accept the Laws of God or the Geneva Conventions or the restrictions on government inherent in the U.S. Constitution.

Gone are the days when police were trained by their respective states to protect and serve the people. Now, federal training of all police and government officials teaches them that the general public are enemies of the State. We now have a police state mentality in government, and the people have allowed it to happen and continue to permit it to exist.

Our country is no longer the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. It has become the Land of the Complaisant and Apathetic and the Home of the Uninvolved and Unfree.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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If I was with the OCR or any news firm I wouldn't have printed Costanzo's response either. To sum it up, I think Buffalo Springfield said it best in their infamous anti-war song:

"Paranoia strikes deep and into your life it will creep."

Comment by Anonymous
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Another rocket scientist.