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CIA Columbia Obama Trial - Guilty Verdict Press Conference

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NEW YORK—James D. Manning, Ph.D, head of ATLAH World Missionary Church, gave the first press conference today concerning what has been called the C.I.A. Columbia Obama Trial, an event that took place over the course of this last week. The grand jury trial investigated Obama's records—birth, school and marriage—and allegations that he was recruited by the C.I.A. while he was a foreign student attending Occidental College in Los Angeles. Manning claims that Columbia University was used as a cover for Obama while he was working for the C.I.A. in Pakistan during the Afghanistan-Soviet conflict. Manning said in the press conference that the verdict of the grand jury is one of guilty on 17 counts, from sedition to wire fraud to conspiracy. He claims that the guilty verdict falls on Obama, former president of Columbia University Michael Sovern, and the University itself for falsifying documents and mail fraud.
Manning emphasized the legitimacy of the past week's events, saying they were granted a permit from New York City and that the NYPD were present during the marches around Columbia University and stationed outside the church building while the trial was heard. Manning insisted that since he has been on the C.I.A. watchlist for over a year and the police were present that if anything was illegal then someone would be in jail.
He insisted that they were protected by the Constitution to conduct such a trial. He also said that if the trial proceedings were legal, then the "verdict that was rendered is legal and binding, protected by the Constitution." He went on to say that "Evidence was presented that crimes have taken place, lies have been told, and documents have been falsified."
When asked what happens next, Manning said that the transcript will be taken to the U.S. Congress and request that they act upon it. He said that if the Congress chooses to ignore it, they will take Congress to court and if the Supreme Court sides with Congress and "say that the people have no right to report a crime and act under the 10th amendment then we are no longer a nation for the people by the people."
When asked about the lack of mainstream media coverage, Manning brought up the subject of bullying and the recent case of the Massachusetts student that killed herself because of bullying. He equated mainstream media to schoolyard bullies calling names and defaming people, even when the people have simply asked a question. He said, "They call me a racist and a bigot all because we asked a question of eligibility from the most secretive man—from kindergarten records, law practice, marriage certificate, elementary school records—why are you concealing so much that is normal in the life of everyone else?"
He went on to say, "A great number of Americans have been labeled racist, et cetera by the schoolyard bullies of the media." He ended with, "We have a verdict. He is guilty. So shall it be." Melissa Thayer Independent Examiner | Bio

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Comment by Heather Ross
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 this is the first time I have read this, I happened upon youtube minister speaking about it, then looked it up on the net. No wonder Obama now wants to be able to shut down the net.

Comment by Rich Baker
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 This is the first I have heard of this. Why haven't the news media covered this story? Makes me wonder what other stories they are sitting on concerning this so called president.

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