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Arizona, Everything is OK! The Love Police are Here.

Written by Subject: Love Police AZ
Love Police AZ Goes to Chase Field
Saturday, June 12, 2010
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Jet Lacey's House
4240 N 4th Ave
Phoenix, AZ

Phone Number:  602-274-2748
Love Police detectives will be riding the Light Rail from the Central and Indian School Station to Chase Field on Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm to spread love and free minds on the train and then more of the same outside Chase Field (AZ Diamondbacks stadium).

Always remember; "Everything is OK- Even You!"

It is expected to be in the upper 80s on Saturday. All are invited.

For anyone interested, we will be going to Alice Cooper'sTown for refreshing cocktails and witty repartee' afterward.

Meet up at Det. Lacey's house at 3pm for a short Love Police meeting and a cup or two of courage!

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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@RM:  Really sorry we missed you.  We were right by the entrance to the stadium at Jackson and 4th St.  We did a major action and gave out many free hugs and got some fantastic video. 

If you are on Facebook, check out and join my "Love Police AZ" page;!/group.php?gid=119769458064916   

We went to Cooper'sTown afterward to celebrate and Alice and his wife Sheryl threw a surprise birthday party/concert for their son Dash.

Comment by Anonymous
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I was not there.  But I kept thinking that it was the kind of Love Police for everyone, including those that look like Mexicans.  They too love free doughnuts, especially the hole where they usually escape through when a police drugnet closes on them.

Comment by r m
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 where did you all meet downtown? we were at the chase field hoping to tag along!

Comment by foundZero
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AZ Love Police? Well....OK I suppose. I was kind of hoping for something more along the lines of AZ Love Vigilantes or AZ Love Storm Troopers or even AZ Love Waffen SS. But in these tough budgetary times we'll just have to make do.