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Powerbrokers, Pimps and Prostitutes: The Radicalization of the American Military into the World’s Mo

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The individual members of the American military are the best trained, the brightest and the bravest of all military personnel in the world. Without reservation, the American fighting men and women deserve our loyalty and faithful support as they bravely carryout their assigned missions, risking their lives, in what they believe is the defense of the American people. However, the powerbrokers of the financial and political world are hiding behind the bravery of our brave military men and women in order to carry out their heinous agenda involving the acquisition of resources and ultimately, total power.
The military brass and noncoms may believe they are acting in our nation’s interest by protecting American citizens in our two present wars. Sadly, that is a false belief fueled by the propaganda machine known as the main stream media. The American military are the whores of money grabbing and power seeking institutions

My biological grandfather was killed in action in WWI. My father fought in WWII and Korea. I grew as a military brat and experienced the same sacrifices as any military family does. I knew people, not much older than I go off to war and come home in a body bag. I know others who came home without a limb or several limbs. These brave soldiers died protecting what they believed was our very way of life and the survival of our country. I pause every so often and praise God for giving us people with such notable bravery and a sense of service to the rest of their countrymen. Sadly, this is the military of the past.
Today, our present soldiers are just as brave and just as tough and just as patriotic as their predecessors. However, ask many of today’s veterans who are leaving military service about their feelings toward the role they have played in our most recent wars. In exponentially growing numbers, our veterans are becoming the government and the military’s worst critics because many have seen firsthand how their willingness to risk their lives has been misused by the special interests. Unfortunately, much of  their initial patriotism has eroded away from a profound sense of protecting the nation from harm to resenting being in the service of the corporate agenda of the powerbrokers as codified by today’s most notorious pimps, namely, the United States Congress, the Executive Branch, and the increasingly radical anti-Constitutional Supreme Court. Subsequently, our military has become the debt collectors and the chief obtainer of new resources for their New World Order masters (i.e., The Federal Reserve, the FED’s first cousins, the oil companies, etc.). Why does anyone think that Veterans are listed as probable domestic terrorists by government reports such as the MIAC report? These troops have seen the senseless killings, the horrific stories of torture and now, as they rotate stateside, they can clearly see the lies being told to the American people every night on CNN. Why does anyone believe the Tillman family is convinced that Pat was a murder victim as they dramatically exposed the initial cover-ups of Tillman’s death by the Pentagon?  Pat Tillman had a voice and would have had a significant following if he would have begun to speak his mind about America's mission in Afghanistan. His family believes that his disillusionment with the increasingly prostituted role the American military was playing in international events deviated greatly from the patriotic reasons that motivated Pat and his brother to enlist. Any doubters of the motivation underlying the Tillman murder, should spend an hour with Pat’s family and read the accounts of how Pentagon attempted to cover up the heinous crime.   
After the patriotic furor following the tragic events of 9/11, most Americans favored America’s military forays into Iraq and Afghanistan as a means to protect the general public from the then believed ominous threat of terrorism by radicalized Muslims bent on killing Americans because “they hate our freedoms.”  Subsequently, we ventured into Iraq seeking the Iraqi weapons of mass destructions designed to kill us all. Simultaneously, we invaded Afghanistan to find and kill Osama bin Laden and to destroy his criminal terrorist organization in response to the death and destruction they brought to the American nation on 9/11.
What has our military and nation gained since these illegal, elective wars of occupation began? Almost a million Iraqi’s have been killed, and just coincidentally, both British Petroleum and Exxon (both corporations controlled by CFR, Trilateral and Federal Reserve Board interests) control 80% of the Iraqi’s oil supply (the 5th largest oil producer in the world). Before the Iraqi invasion, Iraq had threatened to sell its oil in only Euro’s which set off a panic in the Federal Reserve ranks which based their oil investments in only dollars. Today, Iraqi oil is sold in American dollars. How coincidental is that? Oh yeah, the United States military never located the infamous Iraqi weapons of mass destruction for which we supposedly had incontrovertible proof sufficient to launch a massive unprovoked attack upon the country and topple its government and install a puppet government controlled by the United States.  
In Afghanistan, the supposed criminal terrorist organizations remain in business despite nearly nine years of war and over thousands of American combat deaths. Once public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden has become Osama bin Forgotten as he has even disappeared from the FBI’s most wanted list. Pre-Afghan war heroin drug productions have skyrocketed since the inception of the war and no public mention of the intended completion of the Central Asian Pipeline ever crosses the lips of the CNN propagandists. Surprisingly, news leaks have revealed that Afghanistan’s natural resources are actually triple the amount originally reported. We are not leaving Afghanistan anytime soon.  Besides the military industrial complex and the natural gas industry, ask yourself who is making money off of the Afghan War? Just follow the money trail which emanates from lithium and cross reference this list to the individual FED members and the military industrial complex financial interests. And what do we have to show for these seemingly endless wars?  America has de-evolved into an angry country, plays host to a disillusioned military and has severely broken economy. In short, many in both the military and the general public are becoming increasingly aware that we wasted trillions so that an elite few can make billions.
Tragically, many of America’s sofa inhabitants, armed with their DVR remotes, continue to buy the patriotic line, hook, line and sinker as an excuse to engage in wars which will last a generation or longer. Between beer induced belches, they never seem to ask themselves the question; When do protracted wars of occupation become a permanent way of American life?  
The prostituting of the American military is not confined to the illegal and immoral wars of occupation.  In a war that is just taking shape, American citizens, at home, are being threatened just as seriously as if they were foreign nationals who were interfering with corporate projected earnings statements. Part Two of this series will examine how 20 million Americans presently are, or will be victims of the powerbrokers well-armed streetwalkers, the American Military.



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