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Elderbanking or Eldersurfing: the latest craze in economic adjustment for young and old alike.

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OK, that was pretty fancy marketing language right?
Well truth is I been thinking about this and I just made it official on this here website. And on another one linked here.
Comes these horrible times when my visions actually come in handy, but here's this one:
Lots of elderlies have homes paid off or have pretty stable situations but as they get older they need some help just getting things done day to day.
Here we got all these young patriot couples and such with no real job prospects, trying to raise the next generation of tinfoil hat wearing wingnuts.
We put the youngers with the elders, the youngers help the elders in return for a place to bring up squalling brats wrapped up in Gadsden flags, everybody wins, right?

Along with this, a kickass verification system involving background checks and follow up visits is obvoiusly required to make sure nobody abuses the sytem, that's the red-flag here.
But why the hell not give it a try? Especially me who is volunteering to go secure the border. Might as well share this idea so if I don't do it, maybe you will. I'm just starting my garden with the soil outside my door.
Get in touch with the publishers of this website if you want to talk to me. Or use that website link above. I don't like to connect my online persona with real life much because I'm kind of shy and retiring. I'm just gonna try and save as many lives as I can before I retire. You are welcome to help if you want. Or if for any reason I can't/don't do it, don't let that stop you from doing it yourself!

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