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4409 -- Possibly the Dumbest Caller in England

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
Is this the dumbest caller in England?
Forward this video to your nutty friend who thinks its a good Idea to invade or bomb Iran. Is this the dumbest caller in England?

Last time I checked we were the one's unconstitutionally invading countries left and right and conducting coup's all over the world.

By the way Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad NEVER said he wanted to wipe israel off the map..go read the transcripts. He said he waits for the day the Zionist regime is wiped off the page of history. It was apolitical statement and nothing else.
He NEVER said he wanted Israel or the Jewish people to be wiped out. In as much it's no different when Americans wanted the communism regime wiped from the pages of history but we didn't want to wipe out Russia or all the Russians.
Contrary to the zionist controlled media there are thousands of Jewish people that live peacefully in Iran.

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