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Freedom's Phoenix and The r3VOLution travel to Porcfest to share the LOV3

Written by Subject: r3VOLution Continues

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock goes on the road to Porcfest in New Hampshire. Here is Ernest with one of his many guests, Larken Rose (author of The Iron Web and How To Be A Successful Tyrant)

Liberty minded musician, Jordan Page, was the featured entertainment at Porcfest. He did not disappoint!

Ernest Hancock (Freedom's Phoenix and Declare Your Independence) and Zach ( at Porcfest 2010 - (OK Ben I got you the Tshirt :)

Jake Williams traveled from Pennsylvania and cooks up some Thai food for the campers.

Dean, Barbara and Devin traveled from Young, New Hampshire to be a part of the fun

The Motorhome Diaries were at Porcfest, just before their rig got a facelift. They will be repainting MARV to reflect their next project, 'Liberty On Tour'. We'll have an updated picture on the new paint job soon...

Darryl Perry and Erica Nicole and their Free Patriot Press booth. They came all the way from Missouri.

Scott Geyer of Minnesota was getting everyone's signature on his clothes.

Amanda and Sam Biondolilo of New Hampshire served up homemade ice cream, with names like Lew Rocky Road and Voluntary Vanilla.

Sean Murphy of New Hampshire was draped in the Free State Project's flag.

Gabe (aka 'Antonio Mas Grande'), Catherine (Bleish), Chanda, Brooke (Kelley), and John all having a great time!

Karen Emery, founder of DelValley Silver, traveled from Pennsylvania to be a part of the fun
George 'Mandrik' Skouras was selling his delicious deep fried Baklava

Megan Duffield of Massacheusettes, excited to be attending Porcfest, jumps for joy. Megan is PR Guru for SilverCirle (
Louis and Carla (Porcfest 2010 Organizer Carla Gericke) is working very hard to make sure everyone has a great time.
Brooke Kelley makes an appearance.

Goshe King of We Are Change Maryland enjoying the weather and camaraderie of fellow freedom activists

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Comment by Ben Nichols
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You found Xaq! Thanks for getting the shirt! 

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Nice photos Donna!

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