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The Only Foundation... for Liberty!

Written by David McElroy Subject: Declaration of Independence
 By David A. McElroy


What is the true foundation of freedom, with truth, justice, and liberty for all? Patriots must know this to distinguish the path to victory amid the cunning deceits of the enemy's confusing distractions. They must see the light in a dark and twisted world.


William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, declared “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” Penn, a Quaker, was famous for peaceful and honorable relations with native tribes, an example of Christian libertarian statesmanship.


I truly believe Jesus Christ is a libertarian...never initiating fraud or force, leading always by loving example with truth, wisdom, dignity and strength. His mercies abounded in the ministry of loving kindness, liberty and justice. His anger in the face of evil was righteous. He gave us free choice while explaining that we will bear the consequences of our choices. But the choice is given in freedom!


Many cite Masonic influences and faults of the U.S. Constitution in claiming America was not shaped by Christian beliefs. Many of the Founding Fathers' writings back my assertions. Thomas Jefferson, who penned the Declaration of Independence, declared “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”


The only foundation for useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion,” Jefferson wrote in an 1809 letter to Don Valentine Feronda. “God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever....I consider the doctrines of Jesus as delivered by himself to contain the outlines of the sublimest system of morality that has ever been taught, but I hold in the most profound detestation and execration the corruptions of it which have been invented.” Some dare to claim Jefferson was a deist. Hah!


What has caused America, a nation born of revolutionary zeal fired from the pulpits of colonial pastors boldly applying biblical principles, to embrace socialism and a fascist style of government? Why have so many “churches” fallen to tolerate and even promote wicked things prohibited by the Holy Bible? Why is Marxist “Liberation Theology” growing like a cancer from the pulpits of such as Obama's former pastor, Rev. Wright, when it is so wrong? How does that philosophy differ from the Christian Libertarianism I espouse in the Jeffersonian influence?


Patriots must know themselves, and the principles of liberty under God, to succeed. In the battle for freedom, we must distinguish truth in the clouds of confusion swirling about our nation during this Marxist Cultural Revolution enticing the gullible with promises of “Hope and Change”! If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything....and truth is the first casualty in any war. Diversity and tolerance are ploys of the enemy sowing confusion. A man with no discrimination lacks both morals and intellect, and is easy prey. Christ practiced discernment, do you?


Jesus is cited counseling “resist not evil” and to “turn the other cheek” in the Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5:39)  I see the Lord cautioning us against rash knee-jerk reactions to the evils inflicted upon us, to keep cool heads and discern motives, to moderate situations and minister according to needs. We should tolerate a few careless punches, but that does not mean surrendering our lives to evil. We only have so many cheeks!


Christ demonstrated righteous anger in driving the moneychangers out of God's Temple. That was when they conspired to kill Jesus and went to the Sanhedrin to crucify the Lord. He advised the disciples to purchase swords (Luke 22:36) when swords were illegal for them under Roman occupation.


In the garden, Peter immediately severed the ear of the High Priest's servant who came with soldiers to arrest Jesus. Christ ordered Peter to sheath his sword. He restored the severed ear in a mercy miracle, and surrendered with great purpose. (John 18:10-12) But He did not come defenseless. He, in effect, told the enemy to take his best shot and kill Him, because the tomb could not hold Christ. How can you defeat someone you killed in a gruesome public spectacle, yet lives and ministers to His followers?


But our lives are purchased, and our nation is divided. Christ warned “a house divided against a house falleth” and noted “a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace. But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour, wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils.” (Luke 11:17-23) This is why Christ is being prohibited in schools, why Jesus is prohibited from participating in the national holiday celebrating His birth. He is stronger than Satan! Wherein do you trust? Put on the full armor of God as Christian soldiers! (Ephesians 6:11) We cannot withstand evil if we do not adhere to Christ's principles for truth, justice, and liberty for all!


This land is our land, America, made for you and me. In the parable about the departing master who would return, (Luke 19:12-13) Jesus said “Occupy til I come.” Stand your ground. Exercise stewardship. Invest your talents in fruitful labors. Defend the realm. His half-brother James said “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) We need not swagger about looking for monsters to slay, but we are to meet them with firm resolve when they infringe upon our proper estate. The controllers of opposition like to cite Romans 13:1 in calling us to “be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” Are America's “higher powers” invested in our “PUBLIC SERVANTS”, or “WE THE PEOPLE”? And is America truly “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”? Who is your master?. Will you face the challenge?


The difference between the humanist Marxist Liberation Theology and Christian Libertarianism is this:

Marxists exalt the state as the highest achievement of humans, collective power wielded to finance elite agendas via science and technology, selling the idea that “division of labor” and forcible “redistribution of wealth” is good for society. It is humanistic government by the numbers... demographics, census, statistics...shaped in pursuit of harnessing human power ever more efficiently for grandiose purposes. All but the elite are reduced to the lowest common denominator, or disposed of as “useless eaters”. Profitable achievements for independent living or thinking are prohibited and confiscated by the state, for the elite. It deprives individuals the dignity of pursuing happiness secure in building toward their dreams so that elitists can steal the fruits of their labor to build bigger dreams. This system can be called a monarchy, theocracy, democracy, socialism, even a republic. It seeks to return humanity to a feudal society with two classes: serfs and nobility, in a Luciferian tyranny where the state is free in all matters and manners, and the people are enslaved in ungodly subjection. Think of an ant colony under the queen. This is “emergence”, Darwinian survival of the fittest at work building an earthly regime driven by ego, hatred, greed, deceit, and violence. It cannot defeat the obvious truth, but it works to obscure it, claims no absolute truth exists. The end justifies the means. Logic is twisted, education and media subverted, culture and art perverted to degrade a society targeted for Marxist Cultural Revolution leading to fascism. Marxist Liberation touts “from each according to his ability to each according to his need”, seeking biblical justification for despotism that has robbed and slaughtered millions. Mao said “political power proceeds from the barrel of a gun.” “Soak the Rich” campaigns are used to destroy the middle class. Marxism holds the state as the Supreme Being, individuals only exist to serve interests of the state.


Christians exalt God, liberated in applying the teachings of Jesus Christ...hence the term Christian Libertarianism (not to be confused with the Libertarian Party). The state is properly an instrument of God's law. God's law was simple, and included the admonition that if a man is not willing to work, he should not expect to eat of the fruit of labor. God knows we are not all equal in abilities, discipline, or virtue. But He affords each of us the freedom to pursue happiness and prosperity as we are able so long as we do not violate others' right to do the same with force or fraud. Love is the Golden Rule, which embodies respect for the dignities of others. Charity is advised to care for the sick and injured, the orphans and widows, provide disaster relief and hospitality to travelers. Charity and compassion are voluntary, matters of the spirit, not the state. Note the biblical tithe of “first fruits of the harvest”, grain, new wine, etc., was stored against time of famine and siege, primarily to provide not only for Levites and priests, but for all the people. Truth is the example held high for human dignity and civilization and the ultimate legal defense in honest government. Godly government lifts individual dignities above those of the collective. It recognizes that healthy happy human society is comprised of healthy happy individuals, and slaves, like the Hebrews toiling in Egypt, are never happy and seldom healthy in body or spirit. The state exists under God's authority to preserve the dignities, rights, of individuals He gave.


Marxists pretend to “level the playing field” for human equality when they really rob Peter to pay Paul and then shackle both in slavery to the state. They presume authority and competence to make every decision about every facet of life for everybody. Marxist law is artificial, complicated, obfuscating, and divisive. The Marxist state sees people as objects to tread down and harness or dispose of. God's law is natural, simple, obvious, and wholesome. A nation under God sees people as souls to be lifted up in dignity, with love and freedom to grow and multiply. God leads to happy, healthy, harmonious life in peace and prosperity for all who will work for it. Godly government is the hallmark of civilization, lifting people up. Marxism leads to despair, disease, confrontation and death in endless wars ensuring work is never fruitful for workers. Marxists are sophisticated barbarians putting people down as animals.


Confusion is generated in how language, words and phrases, are used by different classes and professions. These differences are intentional barriers, compartmentalization to isolate and exploit various groups. Scientific terminology and professional jargon are intended to keep us in the dark. A great example is how we in the working classes understand “Capitalism” to be the invigorating marketplace competition for better goods and services produced with greater efficiencies and cost effectiveness for the betterment of human lifestyles. But those with the capital, the billionaires, see it simply as research and development in their quest for power.


The capitalist “Captains of Industry”, the elite who count their assets in hundreds of millions, billions, even trillions of dollars are the very same who financed Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

They use the contest we in the working classes call “capitalism” to derive and decide means which are most efficient, or profitable, to exercise control of the masses. Once the decision is made, the contest is over, and the elitists, these capitalists, wield their capital to impose a socialist governance of one stripe or the other. John D. Rockefeller, the “capitalist”, infamously remarked that “Competition is a sin.” He was a prime mover in the Federal Reserve Bank.


The American taxpayers paid for costly research and development, while the savings were passed on to the Soviet Union and Red China for such as nuclear weapons and aerospace ventures, not to forget such things as ordinary trucks and tractors, computers, etc. The Cold War was staged, political theater, to motivate the public support to spend vast sums on the military industrial complex. Incremental socialism has seen American law privatize profit and privilege to benefit the elite few, while losses and liabilities are become public obligations. Wall Street is bailed out with trillions of dollars with no questions asked. Main Street is foreclosed upon and prosecuted. Banks are given taxpayer funds because of delinquent mortgage payments from taxpayers, when the mortgage holders could have been bailed out (and they are taxpayers) and the money would still have ended up in the banks. The banks are taking us to the cleaners coming and going, double dipping as they go. This is Public/Private Partnership, the “Third Way”, the fascist brand of socialism. China is now being capitalized as the most favored model of governance. The “American Experiment” is being terminated...hence the gutting of all our industries, the wrecking of our economy, cultural degradation, confusion and chaos amidst hordes of illegal aliens encouraged in a Marxist Cultural Revolution. The middle class is now in great peril. SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONS ALWAYS MASSACRED MILLIONS! How is Chairman Obama's “Hope and Change” working for you?


The oligarchs like to provoke warfare between races, the lower and middle classes, to keep the spotlight off their machinations. The poor are where they want them, destitute and dependent. The tools of the elite tout “Soak the Rich” plans which actually target the successful middle class types, professionals, tradesmen, merchants, those who have truly worked and practiced thrift to have discretionary funds and noteworthy assets. They like to portray all the poor as parasites and welfare queens to antagonize the middle class taxpayers.


But the elite set the system up to milk both classes, breeding dependency in the poor, while removing all opportunities to lift themselves up by the bootstraps in honest enterprise and punishing those those that achieve. Those that are achieving, the successful workers, are taxed within an inch of their lives to pay for social services even when the people scream they don't want them... like Obamacare!


Reducing all of the working classes to utter and dependent poverty is the goal. The Marxists require that we rely upon the state for our daily bread, not Our Father in Heaven! Our “repre-sentative government” is a charade, corrupt beyond measure. The members of both houses of Congress don't even pretend to pretend to be honest, representative, or accountable anymore. They enact laws they exempt themselves and their elite masters from ever suffering. It is the best congress money can buy!


Population Control is a stated goal, with increasing sterilizations, abortions, euthanasia, and rising mortality rates driven by rationed healthcare targeting the elderly and handicapped, as well as those custom-designed viruses and degraded food products and pollution. Shortages are intended, engineered. We are to be written off as “useless eaters” in the age of automation. The tyrants prefer robots. You know how the Soviet “Workers' Paradise” turned out. Can you say Genocide”?


God put Adam and Eve in a garden, not a shopping center. He gave them total freedom to seek pleasure, running nude, as long as they obeyed one simple rule. They broke it because Satan tempted, saying they could do better than God provided. Then they were ashamed of being nude and God said to wear clothes since they were ashamed. Always thinking they could do better, the Hebrews ended up in bondage, and God sent Moses to tell Ramses “Let my people go!” In deliverance, God gave Moses a simple Ten Commandments to obey in shaping a healthy society. Of course, they broke those laws. Rabbis wrote more. The Israelites begged God for a human earthly king, rejecting God. See 1 Samuel 8 for God's warning about the nature and the costs of kings. Satan provoked King David to count the Israelites, against God's wishes, so that he might know the strength of numbers. ( Chronicles 21:1-3) The state rules by statistics.


Today we now live under oppressive government with thousands of laws that legislators admit they don't understand or even read before voting on them! God gave us Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Men have repeatedly preferred darkness to light gratifying their egos in seeking to be elite, forging the chains of slavery instead of living within God's grace. We will never free ourselves with more legislation! That old Roman Senator, Tacitus, is remembered for astutely noting “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state.” Tacitus was an historian who also wrote of the crucifixion of Christ by the Roman Pilate.


We have long been patient and tolerant. We have exhausted every avenue of peaceful redress within the system save two... the first being various states' suits in defense of states' rights, and the second being a firm and public declaration of secession. The War Between The States is seemingly proof the federal beast will not allow the states to declare their independence from its' tyranny anymore than King George III accepted the declaration Jefferson wrote on behalf of the thirteen colonies. Tyrants must control, it is in their psychopathic nature to rule others.

We should endeavor to keep these states united in evicting the federal government from our union in America, as the globalists want to break our strength by the old “divide and conquer” method.


We have petitioned for redress of grievances, our lawsuits have been rejected out of hand for obviously corrupt reasons. We have been rebuffed, mocked, deceived, arrested, imprisoned,  robbed and even killed with brazen impudence by federal operatives. Our God-given rights documented in the original Bill of Rights have been infringed and trampled upon for every convenience of our “public servants” who show themselves to be professional liars and thieves presuming to make every decision about every aspect of our lives. They abhor freedom and fear free people. They want a global prison planet where we all are raised, and culled, as their livestock, micro-chipped, monitored from cradle to grave, contained, controlled, worked to death and stripped to the bone for elitist profits. They create confusing situations at every turn and use carrots and sticks to drive us like beasts of burden.
What hope is there for humanity outside the Truth, the Way, and the Life offered in the “strait gate” of Jesus Christ?


For an outstanding study of the Spirit of '76 that led our forefathers to fight for the legacy of liberty in one nation under God, I highly recommend lessons 9 & 10 of Dr. Del Tackett's Truth Project (See or Focus on the Family). The truth is essential, and Tackett makes it simple.


Don't fall for the “Big Lie”! Freedom is the answer. In John 8:32, Jesus said “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” We must part ways with deceitful Washington, the District of Criminals! Secede to Succeed! The Lord gave you the choice... Live Free or Die!


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