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Who could have thought that Nancy Pelosi Would Agree With Barry Hess?

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She was speaking about extending unemployment benefits but the idea is the same: "It injects demand into the economy," Pelosi said, arguing that when families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning. "It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name."  
Economic Answers
Yet this government never of itself furthered any enterprise,
but by the alacrity with which it got out of it’s way

-Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
That we would find ourselves in our current and continuing Depression was inevitable, and should have been anticipated for the last eight years. There were a few fore-thinkers who valiantly tried to warn us, but there were just too many people who didn’t want to hear it. It was like a blanket of fear lay across the whole nation that if we were to acknowledge reality—we would make it come “more” true.
In 2002, had Arizona chosen visionary leadership instead of promoting another career politician, I believe we could have been the exception to the rule and avoided the worst of it. That window of opportunity continues to evaporate in proportion to the significant and growing percentage of our workforce who are finding out what it means to be unemployed.
I’m not trying to scare the horses, but we have to face the seriousness of our economic situation—and plot our course to a sure recovery. And that’s exactly where this proposal will take us.
No matter who is elected Governor this November, we will not be able to put the Depression behind us, until we reach a ‘bottom’, and grow ourselves out of it. In that sense, the difference between my competitors and me is that I’ll rip the old Band-aid® off quickly.
The extent of our economic wounds call for action, boldness and a clear direction–not of continuing on timidly and in confusion. One thing’s for sure, just waiting it out, or looking to Washington, D.C. for a bail out, like we have since Napolitano’s departure, will just drag out the pain and suffering.
I think it more than a little audacious for the officials who are competing in this Governor’s race to claim that they alone can fix the problems they created. The simple truth is that we cannot expect to get a different result with the same people.
Our homes are the most basic element of our economy. It’s where we put all the stuff we buy. Buying stuff to put in our homes is what stimulates the entire economy, and employs the people who make the stuff we buy. An enormous number of Arizona homes are now vacant.
Until the housing market is healthy again, and people have stable jobs we will continue our long economic spiral. It can get a lot worse than it is, and probably will, at least until August of 2011 when the last of the adjustable rate mortgages will produce another downturn. And it’s still going to take a while to whittle down years of housing inventory that has stacked up, but it will happen a lot faster with real opportunities in Arizona.
Reaching the ‘bottom’ will be exciting because if we have positioned ourselves well by firming up our foundation and preparing for the future, we can see the greatest economic growth, and a sure way out of the worst economic disaster in our history.
It’s distressing that other candidates, including the currently appointed Governor, say they will try to keep up with things in the same way they always have. Somebody needs to point out that doing things the way they always have—is what brought us to our economic knees.
My proposals are significantly different because my perspective is significantly different. I want to actually fix the problems, so I’ll leave fixing blame to them. As our economy tanked, I worked to save the People, they worked to save the boat (the State—their jobs).
There is no single solution to our economic woes, but there can be a singular focus that will put us back on a strong economic path to prosperity.
My focus is on developing opportunities for the individuals who live in Arizona. That’s why I encourage people to get involved in some sort of network marketing opportunity that can give them an additional source of income should their primary job go away unexpectedly. Strengthening the People, strengthens Arizona. But that’s just the beginning.
As your Governor, I will do my part to immediately eliminate the outdated, useless and just plain wasteful elements of our state government itself. I do not believe that government is a ‘jobs’ program. I will scrutinize the constitutional authority of each of our State’s many divisions, departments and agencies. If they’re not constitutionally mandated and absolutely necessary, they’ve got to go.
If there’s a silver lining in our economy, it’s that there’s never been a better time to shed the accumulated dead weight in administration and regulation. This will ease our budgetary deficiencies considerably but this too, is just a start.
Over regulation has now effectively strangled all but the heartiest of entrepreneurial spirits, and the fattest of start-up pocketbooks.
In bureaucracies, every new batch of regulators or legislators wants to regulate or legislate something new. They never get rid of old regulations or legislation—they just throw theirs onto the pile. The result put the ‘American Dream” on the ‘endangered’ lists. That’s more than just a shame because traditionally, over 90% of all new jobs are created in the private sector and borne of individual efforts.
That’s why, I will seek to repeal, revoke and rescind all non-essential regulations that hinder new enterprise. As Thoreau’s quote above points out, the best way for government to stimulate new enterprise is to get it out of the way of enterprise, and I couldn’t agree more.
To encourage a boon in new economic activity, I look forward to providing a no-nonsense approach to taxation and a corporate fee for access to the artificial protections of the “corporate veil”.
I propose a simple 4% fee on the gross receipts of each corporation without deduction or any allowance for deferral or offset. Simple, right? It may well be, but consider the enormous savings to corporations when all they will report to the State is a single figure. Those savings will translate into business expansion, more jobs for Arizonans and of course, substantial decreases in retail prices for goods and services. The costs involved in running businesses, was never the business of the government.
Even if retail prices come down, and businesses enjoy greater profits, the economy will remain in a stall until the People themselves can realize some measure of prosperity.
A large part of the cause of our current Depression is the confiscation (theft) of the earnings of each individual. Tolerating government taxation on the earnings of individuals, no matter how small the amount at the beginning, inevitably leads to that amount increasing, to fund a myriad of special interest ‘needs’, to the point of economic strangulation of the productive individual. The fact is, for those who have their hand out to receive from government what government stole from the working people, there will never be “enough”.
It’s time to heed the sage advice of First Lady, Nancy Reagan, and just say, “NO!”
I will work to immediately eliminate all taxation on the earnings and property of all individuals. This simple step will immediately stimulate Arizona’s economy in sectors the government couldn’t hope to reach, and set it once again on solid ground.
By returning the power to the People, the free market, not government bureaucrats, will quickly decide which businesses produce or provide a valuable product or service, and which will stay in business. We must restore the vibrancy and dynamics of a healthy free market to enjoy its benefits. As it should be.
We should have learned by now that there is no company that is “too big to fail”, or “too old to die”.
To ensure the State can function properly, I propose a flat transaction tax on all wholesale and retail sales without exemption of any kind, and a maximum imposition of 10%. This will encourage lawmakers to keep in mind that the health of the government is directly tied to the health of the economy, and eliminate the possibility of deficit spending to any degree. At the same time, it will preserve our heritage of an individual Forth Amendment Constitutional right to privacy in our finances.
I believe the Governor should set goals for Arizona that the People themselves can profit from and that will stimulate pride in our State. The goal I would like to present is one of self-sufficiency, working to encourage each Arizonan home to over-produce it’s own energy requirements, with the overage being fed back into a concept more like an energy ‘fabric’ than a ‘grid’.
Ultimately, I can foresee Arizona becoming a major exporter of energy using just our natural advantage—the Sun.
The idea of an energy grid depends on a relative few sources of power being controlled by an even smaller number of companies. The frailties of our current system have been demonstrated time and again. With even one of the energy sources going off line, for any reason, wide swaths of homes and businesses are disrupted, forced to cut back or even shut down.
With huge numbers of sources contributing to an electric fabric, there will always be plenty of electricity because there will not be a dependency on any single power source. At the same time, each homeowner will be able to derive an on-going income (from the sale of their over-production), insulating them from any sort of job loss or economic disturbance.
The benefits are obvious, but there’s more to it. Consider how many new industries, businesses and jobs will be created for architects, engineers, builders and a host of other opportunities we can’t even imagine as yet will be involved in working toward and accomplishing our goal of retro-fitting existing homes to become energy producers.
Now, keeping in mind our current abundance of un-saleable homes, imagine what a home that pays it’s own mortgage would be worth, and how quickly the market would find them a ‘buyer’.
I would suggest that such a movement would encourage existing power companies not to resist, but to re-structure by developing an entirely new business model where they would provide the necessary equipment to give homeowners “free power” in exchange for the over production.
I can see this simple focus of effort transforming Arizona into the energy, energy storage and technology capital of the world. In light of petrochemical disasters and inefficiencies, I do believe ‘green’ technologies are the only sane path to pursue. (see environmental proposals, as available)
To further stimulate Arizona’s economy, my team and I have already begun to pursue major research and development companies as well as manufacturers to consider Arizona as their home.
Offering a solid and dependable tax structure, simplified regulation and unfettered access to the marketplace as well as a generally ‘business-friendly’ environment—they’re paying attention.
Arizona needs to stimulate manufacturing and industry at home so that we’ll always have a valuable product to sell, to protect our Citizens from the corrupt, incompetent and reckless activities streaming out of Washington, D.C.
Finally, I will propose 3 major infrastructure projects. Each designed to be private or self-funding (actually on-going revenue streams for the state), useful and unique—as well as to provide ample opportunity for Arizonans to shrug off the effects of our current Depression and pave the way to a prosperous and exciting future for Arizona. (I will be detailing each separately, as time permits)
1. Building out our Border security system (See my proposal on Border Control) and the power plants and facilities to power it.
2. A South-to-North, single tower, 4 or 6 track, self-powered monorail system running right up the middle of our Interstate highway system, exploiting Arizona’s natural beauty as well as providing useful high speed mass transit and spreading commerce to all parts of our state.
3. A desalination/ transportation system to provide Arizonans with ample water to support the anticipated growth in population without having to cut back or regulate any private Citizen’s use.
This proposal is not intended to be exhaustive but should give Arizona’s voters a good idea of why I believe they should consider me for Governor. I’ve had enough of the Republican/Democrats only working to enrich their friends and themselves, at the expense of everyone else. That’s why I offer myself to be your servant—without pretending to be a savior.
I know my perspective is different, but I refuse to join the Republican/Democrats in constantly proving Einstein’s definition of insanity, or in allowing them to obscure the coherence of my message in their spectacle of deceit.
Arizona’s future is in your hands. I urge you to make a conscientious decision as to what that will be. A little more freedom goes a long way.
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