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4409 -- Arizona Sheriffs sellout and support amnesty!

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Make this video go viral to stop these Sheriffs from supporting liars and criminals.
This video is less about Amnesty and more about McCain's constant lies and these yes men Sheriffs who are now running amuck supporting this known liar, scam artist and criminal.

Local Sheriffs selling out...How pathetic can you get? They are supporting a flat out liberal who co-authored the 2006 Amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy which President Bush was begging to sign.

What is McCain paying these people? What is he promising them?

Paul you have got to be kidding. You're known by the company you keep.

I am confused? How can a Sheriff support a self proclaimed liar, scam artist, and known criminal (keating 5)?

Your support for McCain is embarrassing to hundreds of your deputies....I'm just saying what they are thinking.

Remember, the truth cuts like a hot knife through butter...I suggest the Sheriffs not be vengeful upon me...this is how America works right?

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Please!!! never forget that the POLICE do what they are TOLD TO DO...Period!!

They can`t make it on their own...they must be told,and! they are willing to Kill if they are told to Kill.....Gods words means NOTING TO THEM....and then they go home and hug their children;who`s world they are destroying.

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