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Demonstration for Individual Rights DO NOT WORK • DO NOT BUY • DO NOT COMPLY

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Call to Action for Human Rights!


...With or Without SB 1070 Injunction, The Human Rights Crisis in Arizona Continues! We are asking the state of Arizona and everyone who is against SB 1070 to take action against this law and not comply. Lets show the state of Arizona how many of us are against this bill. Do not go to work, call in! Do not buy anything, save your grocery shopping for another day! Do not comply, do not carry any identification! We will not comply and accept this racist law!

Please spread the word, tell your friends and family. On July 29th, todos somos Arizona and we will resist!


Tuesday, July 27th:
• 6 -9PM - Non-Violent Direct Action/Civil Disobedience training (Carl Hayden Community Center: 3216 W Van Buren St.)

Wednesday, July 28th:
• 5-7PM - Open Non-Violent Direct Action/CD Training Carl Hayden- Part I and Part II (3216 W Van Buren St.)

• 7:30- 9PM - Orientation to July 29th for Puente members, the Phoenix community, and out of town activists joining to take action for human rights at Tonatierra (802 N. 7th St.)

• 7-9PM - “Policing the Police/Raid Response” Training at the Quaker
Meeting House (1702 Glendale Ave. just west of the 51 freeway)

THURSDAY, July 29th:
• 9AM - Rally at Wells Fargo 1st Ave. and Washington

• 4PM - Rally at the 4th Ave. jail (4th ave. and Madison)

As an individual I encourage those who are in favor of demonstrating for the rights of government to  put people in cages and torture them because they don't have their papers with them.  The more the better.  Lets P-A-R-T-Y!!

This is a peaceful demonstration!  leave your angst behind!

optional open carry and constitutional carry as well!

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