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Effective weapons training by Oyate: the staff

Written by Subject: Seriously?
This is another stupid reason why somebody should loan me a video cam so I can demonstrate.
The staff remains the most underestimated personal defense weapon of the modern age. I have several and I have boarded airplanes with them, traveld on trains, walked through cities and nobody thinks to deprive the old grey warrior of his walking-stick. Especially if you hunch your back a bit and look like you depend on it, which on some days I do. I might as well have my .40 and the pitbull because a staff is a freaking wonderful weapon.
The staff evolved as an answer to a man with a sword. The basic moves don't involve these over-handed techniques like swinging a baseball bat and knocking it out of the park, staff fighting is almost a ground technique. You always start with the staff point on the ground towards your enemy. Every single move is designed to be a block and counter. The enemy swings his sword at you and you block and serve him a nice slap in the face for his troubles. Or, a favorite of a staffman is to jab. Go ahead and poke his eye out and see how much will he has to fight.
Yeah, it's all fun and games until somebody gets their eye poked out.
Wells the beauty of the staff is it's not all that great an offensive weapon but it's an awesome defensive weapon. You can guess that all those overhanded baseball bat techniques you see in the movies leave you major exposed. So those would only be "finishing moves". The main thing with a staff is you just keep upping the cost of being beaten to where your enemy pretty much gives up. I'll take on pretty much anybody that doesn't have a bow and arrow or a firearm with a staff. Because again, the stragety with a staff is not necessarily to beat them, just not allow yourself to be beaten. Meanwhile, you are beating them plenty. Like carpets. Giving them something to think about.
You know in Arizona in a couple of days it will be legal for us all to carry any dang thing short of chemical weapons or nukes. Actually, now as of this writing, we can carry or conceal anything we can tuck inside our tight-fitting blue jeans or our cowboy boots or these bit hats we wear. Anything we can hide behind these enourmous belt buckles that seem so mandatory. Everybody in this whole nation is watching Arizona now to see if we don't suddenly go into a frenzy and start shooting one another.
It, of course, remains a felony to have weed or fireworks on your person in AZ. It seems that killing people is legal in Arizona but don't, DO NOT make it look like you are having a good time.
Wells I certainly am one for a good drama but if we haven't started killing one another for random sport yet, we ain't likely to tomorrow. Much to the disappointment of the liberals. You know, fact of the matter is, in Arizona, fights are something you have with your wife at home, not in the streets with some dumb-ass you don't even know. So my competency as a martial artist, well, let's just say when I told you about the broom-handle, you just use the weapons you have on hand. Like your life in fact does depend on it if you have an indian wife. I don't know why this is, but the indian wives always know when and how to corner you with your pants down. So what you do is hit her in the face with a bucket of water and grab her and your teenage daughter from whatever low life she's been making out in the corner with.
And you drag them all out by the scruff of their necks and listen to "daddy what the hell are you doing" and you shove that old Chevy into gear and nail her to the floor and don't stop till you get to Rayzer's place in New Mexico where you show up in a pile of dust and mow down half his chickens and at least one cat on your way in.
Now I know these tactics might seem extreme but if it happens to you, it already happens to me and eventually you just accept it as normal life.
In my next article I will discuss how to defend against a staff, even when wielded by an angry indian spouse. This involves the use of missiles: throw everything you can pick up at them and run, run for your life young warrior.

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Comment by Found Zero
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OK I want confirmation on this. I'm pretty sure I'm the first to call Sharon as a lethal warrior female. Yup. Nailed it.

Oh wait, not "nailed it" like um....uh.....oh great now I feel stupid. Now Oyate needs the surgical removal of his boot from his snout. Oyate is in no hurry to do staff against staff but that's where all the crap you see in the movies comes in. Then you are doing that "quadrant" thing. Staff against staff turns into something very close-quarters and personal quick. And physical strength and weight will come into play.

Reference again the use of missles to cover a hasty retreat.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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I was trained to fight with a quarterstaff. This was the weapon of the peasantry, who could not afford a sword. 

 You can use a broomstick or a closet pole, and then wrap the ends with some kind of metal sheet that you nail or rivet in place.  You can do a lot of damage with a quarterstaff against several attackers, even those with knives.  However, you can't use it against someone with a gun unless you can sneak up on them and brain them first.

Comment by G Cone
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And if your adversary's  wounds are not treated, the result is the deadly staff infection.

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