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sb1070 demonstration downtown phoenix

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Phoenix Arizona July 29 2010 demonstrators gather to show the criminals in the government that they are not going to put up with government hate such as sb 1070.  Demonstrators demand that the criminals Jan Brewer, Russel Pearce and Joe Arpaio be arrested and brought to justice. 
Clearly the government criminal enterprise has gone to far and the people are pushing back.  People now know to stop paying taxes which are used for their own enslavement and to promote the growth of the police state, the military industrial complex and the new world order

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Comment by Tom Dowdey
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I sometimes wonder why we don't pledge allegiance to our State....
I'm more proud of Arizona than I am of our Federal Government.
It wasn't always this way.... but maybe it's time.


Arizona's concealed-weapon law takes effect

July 29, 2010
via: Arizona Republic

• It removes the requirement that individuals need a permit
to carry a concealed weapon
anywhere that open carry is allowed.
Individuals will still need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in bars and restaurants
and to qualify for reciprocal privileges when in states that require permits.

• The new law lets individuals obtain permits
through means other than the eight-hour training course mandated under the previous law.
These other means include any NRA firearms- or safety-training course
and a hunter-education course administered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

• It requires individuals to answer honestly if police ask if they are carrying a weapon.
The law also allows police officers to take temporary custody of a weapon during stops.

• It stiffens penalties for individuals who commit crimes while carrying a concealed weapon.

and then there's been the other bills passed

in April:

Firearms Freedom Act

Arizona made a bold move to check unlimited federal power.
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the Arizona Firearms Freedom Act (HB 2307) into law,
making Arizona the sixth state to pass this type of historic Tenth Amendment legislation.

Originally introduced and passed in Montana, the Firearms Freedom Act (FFA),
declares that any firearms made and retained in-state
are beyond the authority of Congress under its constitutional power
to regulate commerce among the states.
The FFA is primarily a Tenth Amendment challenge
to the powers of Congress under the “commerce clause,” with firearms as the object.

Last Year:

Last year, the Arizona Legislature passed a concurrent resolution
known as the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act,
which will appear on the ballot this November.
If approved by Arizona’s voters,
it will amend the state’s constitution and guarantee Arizonans two things:

-That all Arizonans have the right to spend their own money to obtain legal health care services.

-That all Arizonans have the right NOT to participate in any health care system, of any type.

and in progress:

Arizona is also on the verge of passing a bill
that would nullify Cap and Trade (SCR 1050),

as well as passing another bill that declares
“..any incandescent light bulb manufactured entirely within Arizona
and not exported to any other state
is not subject to federal regulations.” (HB 2337).



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