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Exercising One's Rights at a Las Vegas Sobriety Checkpoint

Written by Subject: Law Enforcers or Peace Officers
I recently came across the video appearing below on YouTube and thought it would be appropriate to make available here.
For those of you who object to individual's exercising their rights while being seized absent suspicion at such checkpoints on the grounds that if they save just one life they're worth it, please review the effectiveness of such checkpoints for yourself. After doing so, consider how many lives may have been saved if the same resources used at suspicionless sobriety checkpoints had been used for roving patrols instead where traffic stops are supposed to be based upon reasonable suspicion as opposed to suspecting everybody.
For those of you who object to individuals exercising their rights in general, well there's little hope for you anyway.Go home and lick the chains that bind you....
A good starting point for looking into this issue further are some of the articles I've written on this subject previously:
Part two of the above video appears below:


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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 The last time I was stopped at a check-point (in Califnordia) I told the cop, It's funny in a sad sort of way. My father was blinded on Iwo Jima. And shortly before he died, he said, "All the things we fought against in World Wat II, our own government is doing to us today."

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