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Arizona Breakfast Club this Saturday August 7th: Arizona Immigration Law - SB-1070

Written by Ernest Hancock Subject: Events: Arizona
Ever Read the SB1070 Law? Ernest Hancock reads & Explains it to Radio Audience
Reported by Ernest Hancock 
Date: 07-30-2010
Subject: Immigration
SB1070 exposed for what it really is. Actual text (location 1) - Law Here (location 2) - and an explanation of the history behind it, the people involved, the real intent and what to expect (BTW - NATIONAL ID is the end result and it is soooo obvious, but ignored by the Lame-Stream Media. Why?)

Arizona's Bill

MP3 Part 2

Michael Badnarik and fellow activist join Ernest to read the SB1070 legislation
   In a ruling today, the federal judge struck down everything that occurs at the time and after a police stop, but left everything in before the police stop, including the sending of law abiding Arizonans drivers license information to the feds.

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